Here’s how each zodiac sign likes to be kissed

The kiss is an asset of undeniable seduction between two partners. A study conducted by Oxford University shows that a simple kiss would be of key importance in choosing a future partner and creating a strong bond within an already existing relationship.

If the kiss has been the subject of such extensive research, it is because it plays a decisive role in the satisfaction of two partners in love. Discover how each zodiac sign would like you to embrace it to fully satisfy it.

1. Aries

The natives of this zodiac sign like to be surprised. On the lookout for action, these are very enterprising signs. But even if they are dynamic, they want their partner to put theirs in and kisses them in the most lively way possible. Indeed, Aries have a preference for wild kisses and bites at the corners of the lips. They need to feel that you have energy to spare!

2. Taurus

Taurus are temperamental yet calm and thoughtful. They are fairly stable in their everyday lives and do not necessarily look for sparks in romantic or s exual relationships. They opt for simplicity and kindness. However, the Bulls all crack for a gesture in particular: a kiss on the neck. To seduce them, do not hesitate to ask a sweet kiss at this place while stroking her hair.

3. Gemini

Gemini are very curious and like to communicate with their partner to learn and understand their desires. They will be able to discuss their preferences in order to satisfy their desires. The natives of this sign are very intelligent and they will be able to meet your expectations. Be aware that Gemini dwell much on the details. A kiss on the forehead will be the ideal gesture for them to prove your dedication.

4. Cancer

Highly sensitive, Cancers attach great importance to the way you embrace them. They have a very sweet personality and very distinguished. They will need to feel an emotional connection with their partner before opening up to possible reconciliations. For your first kiss with a Cancer partner, go for tenderness and passion.

5. Lion

Lion are hungry for beauty and fantasy. They like to display their charisma and their crazy charm. They need a partner who takes initiative, who assumes and who has no modesty. The natives of this sign are the most passionate of all the signs of the zodiac. For a first kiss, they will probably prefer a languid kiss with their partner, in a public place where they will not be afraid to display their mutual desire.

6. Virgo

Virgo is very analytical. They tend to think a lot before making a decision and have a sense of detail. They are helpful and love to feel useful. In love, Virgo is very invested and they need partners with a similar character. They will need to be kissed in a delicate way and especially at the right time.

7. Libra

Balanced in nature, the Libra are sociable and pleasant to live. They are very good at attracting the interest and trust of others. To seduce a Libra partner, it will be necessary to have reliable values. The natives of this sign are a bit shy in love. Before a kiss, they will need to be put in trust and feel that you want to achieve a long-term relationship.

8. Scorpion

Scorpions are very sensual. They are mysterious and do not reveal themselves easily. However, they are looking for seduction and passion in their relationships. They need to be turned around, to get into their game and get their interest. They have a preference for partners who know how to handle their tongue during the kiss.

9. Sagittarius

The natives of this sign send positive waves and undeniably attract attention to their good mood. They love to try new experiences and spice up their daily lives. They expect a partner to embrace them passionately and passionately. They want to feel emotions during this kiss.

10. Capricorn

Of a calm and reasonable character, the Capricorn give the impression of being rigid in their everyday life. Only the natives of this sign can actually surprise you. But Capricorns are struggling to take initiatives and will wait to be sure you want to kiss him. They love kisses on the neck and hot gestures.   

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are original and proud to be. Advocating anti-conformism, they build values ​​that they will follow throughout their lives. The natives of this sign need a distinguished being to seduce them. Their kiss must create complicity and a unique emotional bond to be up to it.

12. Pisces

Pisces are dreamers who let their imagination wander on a daily basis. The kiss that Pisces would like to receive must be similar to the one he sees in the rose-water films. This act is extremely crucial for him and he will want to feel a real emotional connection with their partner. 


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