Here are the 7 habits of people who hide their depression

Touching more people than people think, depression can be difficult to spot because most people with this disease tend to hide it. However, some subtle habits show that they go wrong and need help.

Not to be confused with depression, depression illustrates a state of chronic and intense sadness occurring in the form of depressive crises. The depressed person is demotivated, she no longer finds the strength to carry out mundane activities, no longer has fun and feels very guilty. Her balance between resources and suffering is totally unbalanced and she can no longer project herself into the future. Living from day to day, she adopts certain habits that show that she tries to hide this malaise:

1. They have particular sleeping and eating habits

A depressed person usually has trouble sleeping, she may find it difficult to sleep or on the contrary, take refuge in sleep, which upsets her social life. Similarly, its relationship to food is distorted and can be confusing because it can alternate between a lack of appetite and excessive consumption of food.

2. They spend a lot of time alone

The more a depressive person sinks into the disease, the less she will have the strength to rub shoulders with people. She will spend a lot of time alone and will tend to tell you that it is just a matter of being a homebody. She will hide her depression behind loneliness so called appreciated.

3. They have excuses for everything

Thus, since she will wish to be alone, she will always find excuses to decline your invitations. It will even happen that it comes to lies to not attend this or that event. Although at first, you may believe her excuses, you may find her lying to you. Just remember that she does not do this against you but because she feels bad and does not dare to tell you.

4. They are overly happy

Although it may seem like a paradox, a depressed person may look very happy when he or she is in society. But this happiness often seems excessive, simply because it is false. As Adolphe d’Houdetot said with wisdom: “Do not believe in smiling lips that do not accompany the smile of the eyes. “.

5. they are suffering with you

A person who seeks to hide his suffering can easily identify with your distress. Thus, she will show you and seek at all costs to make you understand that she knows your pain and this, because she saw her right now. His empathy can hide an intense malaise.

6. they make silent help calls

When she has dark thoughts that she does not know how to cope with her suffering, a depressed person may discreetly call for help, such as making a joke or sharing thoughts about depression and depression. suicide. Be aware of these messages and respond to such jokes/remarks with positive phrases or by showing them the love you have for them.

7. they are no longer interested in their passions

A common symptom of depression but not always visible at first, the depressed person loses interest in certain activities. Her hobbies do not interest her anymore, the things she likes repel her and she gives up all activity.

If you detect such habits at one of your acquaintances, make sure she is well and offer her help. You can redirect her and accompany her to a health professional, who will be able to prescribe treatment and begin psychotherapy. 



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