Here are the 5 astrological signs that love with such zeal that they suffer from it

Do you have the heart on the hand?<>

If you’ve already bent over backwards to meet someone, you certainly know how frightening it can be to fall in love. Being in love is synonymous with risk taking and total vulnerability.<>

This is not necessarily a bad thing – but it can make you wary and cautious when you meet someone you really like.<>

Haven’t you ever been anxious about opening up to someone or hesitant about having the famous “let’s really get together” conversation even when you really dreamed of being with this person ?<>

The reason is simple: falling in love gives you the feeling of putting a lot into play. Before committing, you like to know if your feelings are reciprocal, if he cares for you as much as you care for him, or simply s ‘he will be a’ responsible ‘spouse.<>

When it comes to matters of the heart, caution is completely understandable.<>

However, there are people who want to risk everything for love; for them, the only mistake in love is to refuse to completely surrender to their feelings or to refuse to risk everything for the loved one.<>

Having the audacity to give so much love gives you the impression of willingly risking suffering and rejection, but also allows you to bring your feelings to life. Some love with such ardor that they can do nothing but express every ounce of this love.<>

Are you trying to find out if you are one of those capable of taking all the risks in love? Look no further, the answer is in the stars.<>

Aries (March 21 – April 19)<>

Aries women are so eager to love with passion and passion, that they forget that each relationship comes with the risk of giving more than they receive. They like to throw headlong into their relationships.<>

They do everything to make things work and they have a lot to offer, but because of their enthusiasm, their relationships can sometimes turn into one-way love. They make so much effort to maintain their relationships – by organizing each of their meetings and surprising their lovers with sweet gifts – that their partners can end up getting tired.<>

Fortunately, they will quickly notice if their companions are not making enough effort, and will not hesitate to broach the subject as soon as they once again have the impression of giving more than they receive.<>

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)<>

A Gemini woman likes the feeling felt at the start of the relationship. The thrill of a new lover excites them enormously.<>

She may be slightly nervous about her new lover, but the attraction is so powerful that she can get rid of her fears and approach her feelings with honesty. At the beginning of a relationship, she can be a little sticky and be zealous when it comes to pleasing her partner.<>

When she associates with someone, she feels an urgent need to satisfy them. Her relationships tend to be short since it is difficult for her to get involved, but they are no less intense.<>

Once she is attracted to someone, she uses all means to express her feelings.<>

Libra (September 23 – October 22)<>

A Libra woman demonstrates boundless loyalty to her partner and will try to avoid conflict at all costs. She loves it so much that she is ready to give her boyfriend almost anything he wants. This is how she shows her admiration.<>

When she is in a relationship, she is completely in love with her partner. She only thinks of acting for her good by being devoted, but she can easily suffer if her love is not reciprocal.<>

She sees the best in each of the people she associates with and can therefore forget that some of them may not take care of her heart.<>

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)<>

Sagittarius women are impetuous in love, but they love with so much force. The beginning of each of their relationships is a whirlwind of passionate emotions. They understand that they risk being injured and that their relationships may not last, and yet they continue to rush head first in their romances.<>

The short time she is with someone, she will be completely vulnerable and open. She is honest about her feelings and is eager to love her partner.<>

A Sagittarius lives according to these words: “it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.” “<>

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)<>

A Pisces woman acts in accordance with her feelings. If she appreciates someone, she will not play and will not spare herself the possibility of leaving it injured.<>

When she meets someone she appreciates, she trusts him completely. She opens up to him and is not afraid to be vulnerable. She loves others quickly, and she appreciates honest relationships.<>

She is confident by nature and easily lets her guard down against someone she appreciates, so she is likely to be hurt, but she is aware of the risk and finds that love is worth it.<>

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