Here are the 10 things to do to keep your relationship happy! The 8th is very difficult and yet the most important…

Preserving a couple is very difficult, especially when the years go by. However, it is quite possible to create an atmosphere of happiness and this for many years. For this it is important to know the 10 things that will allow you to preserve your relationship.<>

What are the 10 things to do if you argue with your companions:<>

1. Give yourself time

It does not matter at all to get angry sleep. It is important to give everyone time to forget the argument so that things can start on the right foot.

2. Think before you act

It is important to twist your tongue twice in your mouth before speaking. Think before you act and especially before you speak because words may be able to go beyond your thinking.

3. Try to change your habits

If the atmosphere in which you live is negative, do not hesitate to change place and perhaps that will avoid many arguments. Why not go to dinner at the restaurant or go out.

4. Take responsibility

Regardless of the context, before hitting the person in front of you it will be important to first assume your own responsibilities. This will likely resolve the conflict.

5. Never forget humor

Never forget that humor is one of the most important things in a couple. Never give more importance to a situation that it does not deserve. Take things spontaneously and with humor this will calm the situation.

6. Hugs and love

Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you have to turn your back. Cuddling will help ease tension and move on.

7. Everything in its place

The important subjects are the important subjects and the frivolous subjects are the frivolous subjects. No reason to get angry for trivial matters and sometimes it is not even necessary to get angry for important things. The important thing is to have a calm dialogue in order to be able to resolve the problem.

8. Understanding the other

It is important to do the impossible to try to understand the other and especially to be empathic and this during any situation. Try to understand why your partner was angry and above all try to discuss.

9. No need to have the last word

We often tend during an argument to try to convince the other that he is wrong. It’s not worth trying to have the last word your partner probably won’t change your mind and you probably won’t change your mind.<>

10. Know how to end the argument<>

You have to know how to end the argument. Don’t hesitate to create a warning word that will put an end to the situation. Dialog with your partner during quiet periods to find out how to ease tensions when the voice begins to rise.<>

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