He asks to marry his girlfriend for a month without her noticing

The marriage proposal is a crucial step in the life of a couple, it marks the beginning of a lifetime commitment. It is for this reason that every man wants his request to be as original and romantic as possible! This story was relayed by the Daily mail and tells the adventures of a young man who has been training for a month taking pictures of his various attempts to share on the web without the knowledge of his fiancée. The thirties aroused the interest of Internet users but the most important thing is that she said YES.

The marriage proposal marks the beginning of a chapter of life, some men decide to do it in absolute privacy while others will choose rather more extravagant methods. It is an event that requires a lot of thought and planning, especially that you have to find the right way to tell your beloved that you care about her and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

A man who has shown patience 

Edi Okoro, 30, bought a diamond ring to marry her 28-year-old girlfriend Cally Read. The young man explains that he is of a discreet nature, preferring spontaneity and improvisation. His request must, therefore, be in his image.  

The young man also has a lot of humor, so he decided to take the ring wherever he went hoping to find the perfect time to apply!

Edi took snapshots of his various attempts without his fiancée noticing. For example, he placed the ring in his hand as she slept and even dared to hide it in her jewelry box for two days without her knowledge. His audacity had no limit!

“The idea was to take as many photos, in bolder scenarios as each other, until I found the perfect time to make my request, where until it surprised me” said Edi.

Edi played the game for four weeks until the moment finally came. The young man has not yet revealed how he made his request but he confirmed that she said yes!

The two lovebirds even shared a beautiful picture, the ring shining around the ring finger of Cally, proving that the engagement went well!

Here are our tips for making a successful marriage proposal

  •  Talk about marriage in your relationship and make sure you both agree on important topics such as children.
  • Even if you have mentioned the subject in the past, make sure that the proposal is a nice surprise.
  • Find the right engagement ring, get help from your mother, sister, or friends to help you choose.
  • The place must be symbolic, choose it with a lot of attention and delicacy.
  • Use creativity to make this event unique and memorable forever.
  • Get ready for the game and feel free to kneel. Sometimes the classic can prevail over the originality!
  • Tell your fiancée why you want to marry her, express your feelings with great sincerity.


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