Gentlemen, your day does not end when you come home after work

It’s no longer a secret for anyone! Women do most of the housework in their homes. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, women spend an average of 3 hours 31 minutes a day doing domestic chores, compared to only 2:42 for men. If you are one of those dads who believe that their days end when they come home after work, you must read this.

Dear dads, when you come home after a long day of work, you are exhausted, and you have only one desire: to sit on your sofa waiting for your wife to prepare dinner. But do you think it’s easy for your wife to be the only one responsible for the home and the education of your children? Have you ever thought of all the things she endures to keep your home in good shape and take care of your offspring? Do you know how happy and grateful she is if you decide to take part in household chores as well? 

Domestic tasks: A heavy burden for women.

Some men tend to believe that household chores are simple to do, and that they require little effort from women. But do you see this clean and organized bathroom? Your wife spent hours and hours tidying up. Do you see this child happy and fulfilled? Your wife probably went out of her way to comfort him. 

Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and the list is still long, moms find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted: they spend their days juggling between tasks, while ensuring the welfare of their little pieces of cabbage. And even when they finally decide to rest for a few minutes, they continue to think about the other tasks they have to do before the end of the day.

Now, stop reading this article for a few seconds, and think: Imagine yourself instead of this mom, you spent your whole day looking after the house and the kids, you’re tired, but you do not even Not entitled to a coffee break, nor can you drop your chores because you have to feed your children and take care of them. In the evening, your wife came home, she talked to you briefly, then settled down in front of the TV without thanking you or offering to take over. Horrible! Is not it? Yet this scenario is just one example of moms living daily without complaining or blaming anyone. 

If you understand that your wife is not the only one responsible for domestic chores, and just like you, she needs to rest, see her friends, watch TV, and take care of her, you can help her and make him happy by participating in domestic chores. You will see how your relationship will improve and how happy and grateful your wife will be.

How to contribute to household chores and help your wife feel better? 

By helping your wife with household chores, you will make a significant contribution to reducing her stress on a daily basis, while strengthening your relationships and increasing the time you spend together. Here are some simple actions that will not require you little effort and that will make a lot of pleasure to your wife. 

– Be thankful, and never forget to thank your wife for all the effort she provides for you and your children.

– If your wife complains, listen to her carefully, and make her understand that you value all the efforts she provides, and that you are ready to participate in domestic chores.

– Ask your wife what tasks she wants you to do, and even if she refuses your help, continue to help her without her asking you.

– When you go home after work, ask your wife to rest and prepare dinner. Even if you do not have exceptional culinary skills, your wife and toddlers will be very happy to enjoy your dish full of love and affection.

– Take a walk with your children, and let your wife rest alone at home. She really needs it!

– Suggest that your wife go out to have fun with her friends, and take care of children. (You can also do some chores while waiting for her to come back)

– Invite your wife often, and give her the opportunity to take care of her, and get rid of her stress .

– Never forget to tell your wife that you love her, and that you are aware of all the sacrifices she makes for your well-being and that of your children.


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