Gentlemen, stop making these 5 mistakes in bed – please

In addition to reproduction, se x is essential for the stability of any dedicated relationship. Indeed, s ex has many intellectual, physical, emotional benefits! and positive social issues. In order to take advantage of these and create a broader sense of intimacy, men and women must avoid certain mistakes in their romantic relationships. This article is for you gentlemen, here are 5 mistakes not to make in bed!

According to an Ifop survey and relayed by  France evening, most French women would be dissatisfied in bed and for good reason, they can not reach orgasm. And one of the reasons, would be the se xual practice and the lack of communication between the partners.

However, se x is good for the emotional health of the couple especially if it satisfies the desires of both partners. Unfortunately, many men end up being misinformed about how to please their partners. Some women can stay in a relationship for several years without being s exually satisfied and worse yet without having the courage to talk about it.

So gentlemen, here are the top five mistakes you do not have to make in bed

1. You assume that women do not have the same se xual desire as men.

Men often think that women do not like se x or want it as much as they do. Think again, gentlemen because women love s ex especially when it’s good! So if your girlfriend or wife is pushing you away, think about challenging yourself to improve your relationship.

2. You neglect the preliminaries.

While men are excited by what they see, women enjoy soft words, caresses and seduction. It is important to spend time on the preliminaries stage because ultimately the success of the report is based on the relevance of the preliminaries.

Preliminaries can be held 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a woman. The more you are attentive to her needs, the more connected and sensitive she feels to se xual advances.

If you are aiming for orgasm, explore her clitoris as nerve endings spread into the vulva and inside the vagina. Make sure you enjoy the trip too! A woman knows when her man loves and appreciates every inch of his body. A woman caressed and kissed by her man is a conquered woman.

3. You treat her clitoris like a penis.

The body of a woman and her genitals are different from that of a man. Find out which types of contact she prefers the most, and ask her the question. Take your time and do not put pressure on him.

Some women have vaginal orgasms other clitoral orgasms. Most women enjoy orgasms via clitoral stimulation before vaginal penetration but that does not mean they will not enjoy another orgasm during se x. Be attentive to your partner’s reactions in order to aim just right!

4. You tend to be silent for most of the report.

Whatever the circumstances, most men tend to be strangely silent throughout the act. You may think that’s good, but your wife feels alienated. She wonders if she really makes you happy. There is no need to exaggerate, but express yourself in order to let your partner know that you appreciate his company in an authentic way. Occasional moans are not such a bad thing.

5. You make love as you please.

Most men take the initiative to have s ex. And for some, even when they take the initiative to make love in their own way, they are quickly reoriented to what the man wants. Do not think that what has worked the previous time will work this time, the se xual desire in women depends on his mood, his cycle or his expectations explains the psychologist Lonnie Barbach in a Webmed article.

It is important to know that women tend to have their own preferences about how they like to have s ex. They are different, so make sure you know what your partner likes. And do not forget that the key to a fulfilling se x life is communication!


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