Find out if your relationship is karmic, soul mate or twin flame

The relationship we have with our soul mate or with our twin flame has always fascinated me. I have always been fascinated by what brought two people together.

Why are we attracted to each other? Is this our destiny?

We do not only dream of falling in love, but of finding the one with whom we will become one. This love story intended to last a lifetime.

As we evolve, so do our relationships. We end up no longer being satisfied with mediocre relationships; nor relationships that only aim to meet social conventions or meet the criteria that are those of our loved ones.

No, we are looking for this crazy love story that will be eternal.

But what distinguishes a karmic relationship from a relationship with a soul mate or with her twin flame?

In truth, none of these relationships is better or preferable than another. It all depends on our personality, our current state of mind or our learning.

But it is also possible to know none of these relationships in our lifetime, just as it is possible that someone experiences all three.

What is more, we seldom succeed in categorizing our relationship at the moment and we only manage to do so years later, after having matured.

Generally, the first of these relationships that we experience during our life is that of karmic type. This often teaches us lessons that will be very valuable for the future. In this case, our partners are doomed to change the way we are in the world and live.

But karmic relationships also seem to be doomed to failure, despite our multiple attempts to make them work and our efforts. And it is simply because they are not meant to last.

It’s hard to accept, especially since the cause of the breakup is rarely a lack of love or a question of compatibility. It’s just that it doesn’t work, something is missing… Even if we wholeheartedly want it to work.

But beware, not giving up would be the worst decision to make.

Karmic relationships are intense and passionate, almost dangerous even. But that is the only role of these relationships: to penetrate our life, to redefine it and to end.

However, it happens that some end up marrying their “karmic partner” and often follow a divorce.

The bottom line: you have to find the courage to give up on the other and move on when the time comes. Because whatever type of relationship you have with someone, it should never be or become a prison.

And even if some people know several karmic relationships during their life, the next step is often the meeting of a soul mate.

Love with your soul mate

It is a sweet and fulfilling love … But also complex. Our soul mate is often the one with whom we marry and end our lives. The links are powerful and intoxicating. Our soul mate soothes us and makes us feel good. The relationship we have with it is deep and unfolds on a whole new level.

But as wonderful as these relationships are, they can also be difficult. And the reason is simple: these deep ties are also synonymous with great challenges and great obstacles to overcome.

It will not be dead calm! No, these relationships are not made to make our lives easier or to flatter our ego.

But the relationship with a soul mate differs from the karmic relation in the sense that it teaches us different lessons and which present themselves, also in a different way.

Karmic relationships allow us to become aware of and question our ways of seeing the world and others. While a soul mate leads us to wonder about our self-esteem, our fears, the social pressures suffered and the value that love has for us.

All this is related to the moment of life in which we find ourselves.

A soul mate is someone with whom you feel instantly connected. As if we had known each other since the very first meeting.

How to recognize a soul mate: it is this type of love that pushes us to surpass ourselves, to work on ourselves, to improve ourselves. And not to question the other or to work on potential couple problems.

Often, one has the feeling of not deserving the other. Certain soul mates only have the role of allowing us to gain self-confidence and to become aware of our value. Their role also consists in helping us to question ourselves, to know ourselves better and to evolve.

A soul mate cares only about the other, while a karmic love turns and focuses only on itself. In other words, it’s a bit like the individual versus the couple.

And the relationships we are talking about here are not always in love but can take other forms. Let us not forget that we all have more than one family: the one in which we are born and the one we create.

But if a relationship with a soul mate is transcendent, it is in no way comparable to the fact of meeting, living and reconnecting with your twin flame.

The twin flame: more than an urban legend

Indeed, many people see the stories of twin flames as just a myth. However, in an increasingly aware society, this type of relationship is found more and more.

The twin flame is a bit of a clever mixture of a karmic relationship and a relationship of soul mates. But it transcends them and confronts us with far more difficult challenges in terms of our self-knowledge.

Twin flames are not the addition of two souls, but the reunification (finally) of a single soul, which was previously split in two.

The “beginning” theories explain the origin of the twin flames as follows: it would be a single soul that would have been split in two and placed in two different bodies.

And finding your twin flame is a bit like finding yourself in front of a mirror: facing all these things that you spent your life fleeing and denying.

A partner of this type puts us face to face with all our fears and all our desires (repressed or not). It is a well of knowledge about oneself: it informs us about our way of being in the world and of managing our life.

Not everyone will have the chance to be reunited with their twin flame, but if they do, it will be for eternity. It will be this unique relationship destined to last forever.

Of course, life will not be a long, calm river. There will be challenges to overcome and fears to overcome, there will be moments of doubts too. It all depends on people and their development, of course.

But despite these difficulties, nothing is impossible and perhaps you will have the chance to meet your twin flame and be reunited.

Either way, each of these relationships will provide us with opportunities to evolve and grow. The bottom line is that you should never force anything. If one feels that the moment has come to move on to something else (and it is something that we all feel, very clearly), we must not insist and we must accept this renunciation.

Whether it is a karmic relationship, a real catalyst for change; a soul mate likely to help us surpass ourselves or our other half; love should never be forced. You should never hang on to it out of desperation.

The love we deserve is reciprocal love, shared love. Besides, when we love someone and they don’t love us, our best thing is to let them go…

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