Eternal singles are not easy to love, but they are worth it

You may find it hard to read her at first, because she won’t be sure of you, but hold on.

Some days, she will be able to explode your phone and others, will not respond to any of your messages. Some days, she will want to snuggle in your arms and others, she will not support you touching her. There will be ups and downs, conflicting signals and incessant worry because she is used to being alone.

She wants to allow herself to open up and engage with you, but part of her doubts that you are staying. She used to be alone then, the last thing she wants is to open up, to get comfortable and to reveal her vulnerabilities so that you end up leaving her.

She knows what it feels like when someone leaves us, she knows what it feels like when someone turns her back on us at the first difficulty, she knows what it feels like when we are abandoned, because that she felt it too many times.

Loving an eternal bachelor can be a challenge at first, she built high walls around her; they have become his refuge and his comfort. Her refuge is only in her, because she learned that she was the only one she could always count on.

She has spent so much time investing in herself, creating her own happiness and investing in her own hobbies that opening up to you is terrifying.

It’s terrifying, because she’s been used to doing things alone for a very long time. When her back itches, she scratches herself. When she needs a product located on the top shelf, she takes a chair and catches it alone.

She became a master in the art of living alone, but your arrival in her life completely capsized her world and that is terrifying.

She probably thought about love for a while, but the idea always seemed out of reach. She probably thought love wasn’t made for her, but you came in and terrified her. Because as much as she wants you in her life, the only thing that scares her more than your departure is the fact that you can stay. She can handle your departure, she has become a master in the art of picking up broken pieces and moving forward, but she doesn’t know what she will do if you choose to stay.

She got so used to being alone that the mere thought of you scratching her back or grabbing this product on the top shelf makes her uncomfortable, because as much as she s so on her own, once you start doing all these things, she won’t want you to stop. After she’s gotten used to your presence in her life, she won’t want to see you come out of it again and that’s the hardest thing to imagine.

Eternal singles know how to be and know how to handle loneliness, but they don’t know how to manage your choice to stay.

Hold on, because eternal celibates will love you to die. It will just take them a little longer to get comfortable with you.

She will like you to be tall and you don’t need a chair to reach something, she will like the way you scratch her back, she will like to make you coffee in the morning, she will like to help you in the kitchen , she’ll like you to sleep by her side. She will love every second spent with you, because once the eternal bachelors get to be comfortable with you, they open their hearts to you and let you penetrate them. So please don’t overdo it.

Falling in love with someone, giving their heart to them and seeing them leave after opening up to them would destroy them, so please be kind.

It may not be easy to love it at first, but I promise you it will be worth it. You will see him as soon as you knock down the walls she has built around her and prove to her that you are here to stay.

She will show you that it’s all worth it.

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