Do not marry a man who has these 10 habits

Far from being a long calm river, a romantic relationship is never acquired. Indeed, each partner is unique and his feelings can be strengthened or diminished over time. Thus, a relationship requires constant effort, respect, communication, solid foundations and above all good habits!


The couple is illustrated by a balance and complementarity between the partners. However, some habits prove that this balance is not respected by one partner (or sometimes both) and that the relationship is doomed to failure, if no change is made. Besides, do not marry your companion if he does this:

  1. He lacks openness

To be able to accept the other without judgment or criticism and to be receptive to opinions and ways of seeing things differently is not given to everyone. However, in a romantic relationship, and for it to last, we must make sure to be open-minded. Indeed, it shows that we listen to his partner and that even if we do not agree, we are not obliged to argue. If this is not the case in your relationship, questioning and discussion may be necessary.

  1. He hates animals

It is possible to hate animals in case of allergies or bad experiences. However, a cruel person with an animal is often cruel to the human being. Besides, this kind of person usually asks you to choose between her and your pet. The right attitude? Choose your pet! The other should accept you as you are, whether you have a pet or not.

  1. He exceeds the limits

Respect for the other is essential for a relationship to be healthy and, although the concept of respect is different for everyone, it is important not to undermine the beliefs and principles of his partner. Thus, certain limits, which can be defined from the beginning of the relationship (infidelity, jealousy, friendship, etc …), must not be exceeded.

  1. He does not keep his promises

Promises are a form of commitment that some people take lightly. However, not keeping one’s promises means disappointing the other and gradually losing one’s trust, especially if unfulfilled promises are repeated often. This affects the relationship and in the long run, the shambles are felt.

  1. It underestimates you

A   romantic relationship is the meeting of two people, each having qualities and defects. We must, therefore, accept the other as it is and estimate it at its true value. And this is all the more logical if the feelings are reciprocal. So, when you have the impression that the other does not appreciate your true value, ask yourself about the sincerity of his feelings.

  1. He wants to change you

For a relationship to be strong, it is important that each partner feel comfortable enough to be as they are. Qualities, flaws, mimicry … All that you are made your charm and makes you unique so never change for someone.

  1. He always finds false excuses

False excuses are commonplace for people who are tired of a relationship and / or trying to flee it. So, if your partner does not stop giving you more colorful excuses than one another, to justify this or that, there is a problem.

  1. It feeds the arguments

Each couple has disputes, which last more or less long. However, once past disputes and forgiven failures, there is no need to return constantly to the latter, unless you want to sabotage your own relationship. Therefore, if you find that your partner feeds arguments and constantly puts oil on the fire, it is that he unconsciously seeks to destroy the relationship and / or hurt you.

  1. He does not listen

Communication is essential within the couple, especially to share their expectations, their desires and the things that we go through. Besides, a partner is supposed to be unwavering support and a listening ear. But if he never listens and holds long monologues, it shows that he does not pay attention to you and that you seem insignificant to him.

  1. He lies

In the same way as infidelity and lack of feelings, lies are destructive. Far from the little lie about the mood of the day, hiding things can be fatal in the long run. Moreover, the lie can be pathological and it is impossible to change his partner, despite his many promises, if he does not really want to seek treatment.


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