Distance relationship – How to manage the lack? How do I make it work?

Do you live a long distance relationship? Wondering how to manage the shortage? How to make your love story work? How to make your relationship live on a daily basis?
Many people think that a long distance relationship is doomed to fail. Many people also like to discourage lovers who love each other from a distance. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged and above all do not listen to them! No one should tell you if your relationship is working or not! Long distance love is already difficult, so don’t let other people’s words reach you.
Yes, long distance relationships are complex. Holding hands when you want, having lunch together while devouring your eyes, touching each other … all of this becomes more complicated!
But if long distance relationships remain complex, they can also be sources of nice surprises! So that your love grows and intensifies, we offer 12 tips that will allow you to make your long distance relationship even more beautiful!

Don’t communicate too much

Some couples who live a long distance relationship think that the key to romantic success is in excessive communication (sms, calls, emails …). As in any romantic relationship, it is important not to be too clingy and to be desired!

Be creative

Even if the communication should not be too excessive, it is however advisable to be creative in your messages and your calls. Wish him a good day or a good night in an original way. Send him unusual little sentences to start a conversation. Some examples: Teaser phrases to start a romantic conversation by text

be honest

If you have to go out with your friends, to a bar, to a nightclub … tell your partner in advance. Not knowing could upset, worry or make him suspicious.

Do things together

Being in a distance couple does not prevent you from doing activities together! For example, play a game online, watch a series on Netflix by commenting on the phone, read a book together, do karaoke on Skype, …
Be creative! There are many things we can do together even if we are far from each other.

Send him/her small presents

Send him little surprises from time to time: a book you like, a love letter, sweets, a postcard with a drawing, …
Have him deliver gifts too:
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– A bouquet of flowers: www.foliflora.com , www.florajet.com , www.agitateur-floral.com

Do the same things

Read the same book, watch the same movie or the same series, … In addition to creating a remote link by thinking that the other is doing the same thing as you at the same time, you will have a common subject to talk about when you you will call.

A surprise visit

Without warning, come to his place for a weekend! Appointments are the most anticipated moments in long distance relationships, so if you have the opportunity to see yourself a little earlier than planned, take advantage of it!

Plan for the future

Any couple who lives a long distance relationship knows that it can only be temporary. It is indeed complicated to create a family life by staying away from each other.
Try to answer these questions together to see more clearly: “How long will we live apart?” »« How do we imagine our common future? “.
Plan a schedule. This will allow you to have a common goal, to motivate yourself and to know that your life together is fixed for a specific date.
It is important that you are on the same wavelength from this point of view. Because even if you do not yet live together, you must both be motivated to achieve it soon!

Enjoy your loved ones

You are a couple … but you also have friends and family! Take the opportunity to organize outings with them, to have fun, …

Know his/her schedule

To avoid disturbing him or having too much time to talk, note his schedule. This will allow you to send your messages at the right times of the day! This is especially true if you live in countries with different time zones.

An object that belongs to him

Keep an object that belongs to you to think of it! It could be a t-shirt, a piece of jewelry, a soft toy, a CD … You can also keep its perfume on hand to remind you of its smell as soon as you feel the need.

Always stay positive!

Think that you will see him again soon, that your separation is only temporary!
Also think that, unlike couples who see each other every day, you will be very happy to find yourself and finally spend time together. The desire to meet again is always very strong when you love someone so passionately! What a wonderful feeling when you know that you will soon see your loved one again!
Also be happy to have someone loved and who loves you in return!

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