Countries to visit in 2019

Plan a trip … The best part of this dream getaway. Often, the destinations come to us thanks to the price of the plane tickets, but regularly, one has dreamed for years before setting foot there. I love this time of year when top destinations to be visited in 2019 are published and we begin to dream of our next stay.

This list of countries to visit absolutely in 2019 realized thanks to experienced travelers will certainly give you the desire to leave for the new year! If you did not know which places to visit next year, these 38 suggestions of countries to see once in your life (why not in 2019?), Presented in no particular order, will lengthen your bucket list without delay.

Where to go in 2019


Still untouched by mass tourism, Wales has many surprises for travelers who dare to venture there. Located right next to England, this country of the United Kingdom that we hear little about has more than 100 castles in a territory smaller than Belgium!

Yet what makes it famous is its national parks. Pembrokeshire Park runs along the coast and offers picturesque scenery while the Brecon Beacons impress with their many waterfalls and waterfalls. If you dare, climb Mount Snowdon, the highest in the country, then come back celebrate with a pint of cider in the festive capital of Cardiff. Cheers!


Of all the countries in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is the one with the richest and most spectacular heritage. The most beautiful cities of the Silk Road, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand, amaze the traveler with their forest of turquoise cupolas and their maze of alleys where time seems to have stopped. Beyond the thousand-year-old splendor of these thousand-and-one-night-old cities, Uzbekistan is of a great variety. To the north, one sleeps in the middle of the arid steppe and huge herds in yurts of nomads. In the Ferghana Valley, we discover rural villages with traditional handicraft traditions recognized by UNESCO. In the mountains, we marvel at peaks of 4000m which open on the Himalayas.

Since 2018, Uzbekistan has opened itself up to tourism and is liberalizing at high speed, welcoming visitors with open arms. Ranked 4th in the world’s safest countries, Uzbekistan is welcoming and warm, even for a single woman. Go for it before everyone else does it!

Guizhou Province, China

China, this huge country so densely populated, has fascinated for millennia. Needless to say, it takes several trips to the Middle Kingdom to get to know it and to know it just a little bit.

On my second trip to China, I discovered Guizhou Province, completely forgotten by Western tourists. Several ethnic minorities still populate small villages in the remote mountains of Guizhou. This is an opportunity to meet the Miao, Dong, and Yao and attend their ancestral customs.

If you choose Guizhou, expect not to go unnoticed by locals. In this deep China, where nothing seems to have changed since the last century, you will be far from the excitement and modernity of big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. China is made of contrasts and Guizhou is an excellent alternative to Yunnan and Guangxi, its neighboring provinces, they are much more visited. The next Olympic Winter Games will be held in China, which will certainly trigger another tourist boom in the country, it’s time to go before the whole world turns to him.


Why choose Slovenia in 2019? Slovenia is a destination for lovers of nature and open spaces. Between the crystal clear blue rivers for kayaking and other water activities, the Julian Alps ideal for hiking and the authentic villages you’ll come across, you’ll have something to do! Go ahead before this small jewel of mountains and forests is invaded by tourists, like its neighbor Croatia … It is both the perfect destination to take a breath of fresh air, but also a good idea for an unusual city-trip in Ljubljana, an amazing, unusual, lively capital … which we do not necessarily think for a long weekend, and yet: blow of heart guaranteed! The last argument, the country is rather dog-friendly … good to know if you are traveling with your dog.

Burma (Myanmar)

Burma is a country apart in South East Asia. It opened to tourism rather late compared to its neighboring countries. On several occasions, I was surprised by the kindness of its people, by their way of living and seeing the “white” tourist. I could see peasants plowing their land with their buffaloes; there are still no new technology machines in Myanmar agriculture.

I was “dead laughing” when I saw motorcycle drivers with their hard hat on their heads and others with vintage helmets. To see that the staff of the hotel prefers to address my friend because he is “white” skin and therefore rich. That’s what he thinks … In short, going to Burma is a trip back in time.

Many visitors arrive slowly … but surely. Do not want to wait for hotels to be built, I prefer to go back now!


If you are looking for an exotic destination for 2019, fly to Guatemala! Still untouched by mass tourism, unlike its neighbors like Mexico or Costa Rica, Guatemala is an authentic destination for nature, history and culture lovers. The diversity of its landscapes (beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungle), its Mayan culture and its persistent traditions, its warm and welcoming population make the charm of this beautiful country of Central America.

Begin the climb of a volcano, dive into the natural pools of turquoise blue water of Semuc Champey, walk to the market of Chichicastenango, marvel at the beauty of Lake Atitlàn, go back in time visiting the temples of Tikal … essential and memorable activities during a stay in Guatemala. A safe and affordable country that must be on your 2019 Bucket List.


Why travel to Scotland in 2019? And because with Brexit, Scotland is, unfortunately, part of the UK / UK, it may be soon more difficult to access and it would be a shame not to enjoy it before! Especially since it is a perfect country to go wild camping in many spots in the wild, including some famous places such as the viaduct where the Harry Potter train passes.


If you are anxious to travel to a country where responsible tourism is possible, Morocco is a good choice for 2019 given the current state of our beautiful planet! Whether it’s easy to eat as a vegetarian (very good indeed!) Or for less massive agriculture, with the shepherds who watch over their herds, you can help do your part. I was also pleasantly surprised by the welcome and kindness of Moroccans. It is a truly fascinating culture and people to discover absolutely at least once in a lifetime.


In 2019, you must travel … in France! Why? Because it’s time for the French to discover their own country rather than go to the end of the world for once.

France is a country that is full of varied and spectacular landscapes. From one department to another, one could imagine oneself in a setting of the Sahara, in an American canyon, in a Mongolian steppe or in the Swiss mountains. France also has its own charm, thanks to an extremely rich historical heritage and marked regional identities. Discover the wild and unknown landscapes of France. 


I suggest Peru as a destination for the year 2019 because I have traveled a lot in my life, but Peru is a checkmark above all my other trips for all the wonderful hikes there is to do there. The landscapes are downright moving and change every moment. It is a country that is becoming more and more touristy and that is why I advise you to go there in 2019. As our tour guide explained, we must take full advantage of the glacial landscapes and the ancestral lands of this area. beautiful country before they are just a story of the past. Besides that, I would like to add that Peru is a country rich in culture, history, and gastronomy.


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