Choose someone who in return chooses you every day

Choose someone who never tires of discovering your body and the twists and turns of your mind. Choose someone who can make your love a pure blessing. Someone who only feels joy when you wake up by your side. <>

Someone who likes your qualities, but also knows how to appreciate your faults because they help make you who you are. Someone who helps you improve and surpass yourself.

Choose someone who is enthusiastic at the thought of you, someone who dreams of your happiness together and has goosebumps at the idea. Someone who is teeming with projects by your side, but who loves you enough to allow you your independence and allow you to respect his own. <>

Choose someone who in return chooses you every day.

Choose someone who never gives you the impression of being abandoned, someone who comforts you and lets you know that you are extremely precious to them. Choose someone who can support you during difficult days and difficult times. <>

Someone who becomes your rock, like you, will become his. Choose someone who, even if it is far from perfect, can look perfect to you. Someone who is ready to do a lot for you, because that is the beauty of love. <>

Someone who has only one fear: that of losing you. Someone who takes care of you and treats you like a treasure.

Choose someone who never has doubts about how he feels for you, someone who finds the courage to always let you know that his love for you is limitless. Someone who never tires of loving you and making you feel it. <>

Choose someone who reminds you that you are important and that you matter, someone who keeps telling you that you are a wonder and who always wants to pull you up. <>

Choose someone who in turn chooses you, over and over, day after day. <>

Of course, love is a complex thing, a feeling that is nurtured and nourished. Love is not just roses and hearts, but when we choose each other, we commit to doing everything we can to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. <>

Loving someone and being loved in return is not a simple task, it requires effort and involvement. It requires courage and determination. <>

Choosing someone means committing to love them. Choosing someone is to state their priorities. To choose someone is to say without words: “I am here and I will not go anywhere”. <>

Choosing someone means committing to protect and keep them safe. It is a commitment to help him face his anxieties and fears. It is also a commitment to show kindness and understanding. <>

When we choose each other, nothing can hinder our path. To be chosen and to choose the other is to make a simple and beautiful promise; that of holding hands when life becomes uncertain or difficult to face. <>


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