Being able to be yourself in a relationship is just perfect!

You know that you have come across a rare gem when you are with someone with whom you can share your innermost thoughts, fears and desires but most of all, when you can remain yourself without fear of judgment. This is really the sign that never fails!<>

Your doubtful tastes don’t scare him<>

Finally ! Finally you are freed from this heavy secret … Yes, you love the Spice Girls and yes, well, okay, you always listen to lots of hits from your youth. Worse, things that feared already at the time. But in the end, why would we waste our time being in a relationship with someone who judges our musical tastes, huh?<>

You like jokes. All the jokes. But your favorites are the ones that will make people uncomfortable … everyone except him. He finds you very funny and even funnier the outrageous reactions of the people who will have heard your joke.<>
In addition it makes you laugh too. Okay, often at his expense but it counts double.<>

You asked him to discover the goat cheese-pepper-banana sandwich for breakfast, with a little apprehension anyway… But he took up the challenge and it even became your little mutual gourmet secret, <>your new ritual of morning<> .<>
Next step: the onion-Roquefort soup.<>

Your fads make him crack<>

It is not your fault that you like when things are aligned. At the restaurant, you scrutinize your cutlery to check that they are at an equal distance from your plate and that it is itself placed well in the middle of your table length. And that we do not throw you on the entrance rugs of the tenants of your building… A well aligned universe puts you in a good mood so why your darling would deprive you of it?<>

You hate to see an unmade bed. It’s stronger than you. He doesn’t complain, obviously. Except when he’s in a naughty mood and he forgets this detail … You will quickly remind him by taking him to another room or by clinging to this vision of horror once the door is passed . But it’s still cute so it won’t be too bad for you.<>

When you sleep together, before turning off the light, you need to watch it a “ <>last time<> ” because it is the last image you want to have in mind before being plunged into darkness. He finds it <>too much<> but in the end, you know very well that he is flattered.<>

Where there is embarrassment, there is no pleasure (and you both think so)<>

You love brushing your teeth side by side looking at him in the mirror, chin dripping with toothpaste because you were distracted by his pretty eyes.<>
And since we are talking about it, you do not hesitate to ask him if your breath is rather eucalyptus forest or zombie apocalypse and he will not hesitate to offer you a mint candy to answer this question.<>

Like kids, you love stupid contests: who can put the most peanuts in his mouth, who can make the most folds with his chin, who best imitates Aunt Josianne, how many clothespins you can hang on your face ,… The list is long and you have no shortage of ideas.<>

Together, you pushed back the notions of intimacy. Go get fruit juice in the fridge, buttocks in the air, put your hand in the basket watching your series and without even realizing it, not always closing the bathroom door are everyday situations now . And since we know that some will ask the question: yes, you have already farted in his presence and passed the effect of surprise, he could only burst out laughing with you (but you were a little embarrassed when even … the first time at least).<>

In addition, sometimes <>it feels good to be able to let<> yourself go a little , to be with him in bed in hermit fashion a little dirty, underpants and panties from the old days, finishing watching this series that you launched 4h ago.<>

He gives in to your little whims<>

He understood that you take it for your personal hot water bottle and indeed, you have found nothing more effective than him to heat a bed in winter. Disappointed, he nevertheless resigned himself to feeling your frozen feet touching him in the middle of the night after having nevertheless tried an “ <>in the end, socks in bed, it can be sexy you know<> ?”, Without success.<>

You stumbled across a teleshopping program, in the middle of a presentation of an incredible multifunctional grater-peeler and begged him to share the purchase costs. He accepted. While you hate to cook. Hope gives life, that is surely what he had to say to himself.<>

When you offer to buy SOI DISANT scented candles together to organize naughty little parties, he agrees, even if he knows that you will light them especially when you are alone. Because they smell really good, right?<>

A guy, it’s super practical to assemble furniture, unclog a sink, change the sinkers … And even if he knows that you are capable of doing it too, he will leave you the possibility of being lazy.<>

He is not afraid to see you in your worst moments<>

It was bound to happen one day: you fell ill during your weekend together and the worst of the worst happened … you caught the dreaded gastro.<>
And what did he do? He went to replenish the stock of toilet paper, full of compassion for your delicate situation.<>
Anyway, he had already seen you during an inglorious “morrow”, the makeup half dripping from your eyes, Gothic style and the pony breath as a bonus. He no longer fears anything. He is ready.<>

When you enter LEVEL 5 ALERT mode when it helps you disinfect a wound, it keeps an Olympian calm. Your cries of owls leave him unmoved, especially since he had not yet touched you.<>

When you have your period, he knows that your nerves are on edge and that it is not your fault. So even if he finds it unfair that you yelled at him because he dared to say that you were still pretty with a little acne, he will cash without flinching. And you will apologize afterwards.<>

You were completely turned inside out during this terrible moment when your best friend told you that she was going on a 3-month internship abroad. Depressed as possible, unable to take care of yourself after this announcement, you could count on him to get back on your feet very quickly. You have to admit that his improvised speech on the reasons why a fly has as much right to live as a butterfly was all you needed to hear to think of something else.<>

He is also capable of listening to your anxiety monologues for centuries, without flinching and then reassuring you<> .<>

Your complicity seems limitless<>

One day, he made you taste, very proud, a dish that he had just concocted specially for you and you found it foul. But it was so cute that you ate it all. You will explain later, when your stomach has calmed down, what to confuse<>

On February 14, you will say: “No, <>but Valentine’s Day is just too commercial! <>”Before returning to join him, arms loaded with stupid little gifts. And a sweet card, that is the most important. “ <>If I could reach the stars and get one for every time you made me smile, today I would hold the sky in the palm of my hand. <>“<>
And that will make you both laugh because you like to exaggerate the silly side of the couple.<>
Kind of like the ridiculous nicknames<> you gave your private parts … or yourself. Isn’t this my little cracker from paradise?<>

You know that in the event of a nightmare, you can wake him up and he will take you in his arms, half asleep. Not like your cat who will blow his displeasure in your face, shit.<>

Besides, when you are curled up against each other like that, sometimes it makes you want to get tangled up all you can. Did you know that some people have very agile toes?<>

And trust is essential<>

You have no secrets from each other. Whether it’s his clown phobia or your penchant for hitting chat with the animals you meet, you know most of the little details in each other’s lives.<>
Most and not all because you also know that it is important to keep a space for yourself. You also want to be able to give yourself the opportunity to continue surprising each other.<>

In short, with your darling, you understood that spending your time playing a role to please, love or appreciate yourself was heresy and that <>nothing beats being natural<> !<>

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