Because you have to be a real man to really love an alpha woman

Strong and independent alpha women are self-sufficient but we also have a big heart and love with strength. We know what we want, so we try to choose the right one and find a boy based on what our hearts dictate to us.<>

So please don’t go out with me unless you’re ready for the challenge. <>I am this strong woman who will believe more in you than yourself. I will push you to fully exploit your potential. A reversal of fortune? No problem, I’ll help you get back on track. I will question things and help you see life from other perspectives.<><><>

I am not a woman who always says yes, we will probably disagree on certain subjects but going out with me means being ready to accept the truths. I will effectively share with you my wants and needs.<>><><>

I see the truth and will tell it to you as it is while communicating with kindness and respect; I expect no less from you. I want us to communicate in a simple and direct way, without anger or criticism.<>

Do not waste your time with me if you are emotionally unstable. I will not be a spare tire or someone we hang out with to fill an empty space. I have far too many beautiful qualities to offer to be with a man who is incapable of appreciating them and making them the same.<><><>

I want a strong man who can manage feelings; <>a man who wants to fix things when necessary and not to run away at the first argument.<>

Do not go out with me if you have the soul of a runner, if you want to “vary the pleasures” and hang out with other people. If this is the case, go for it but push my way, you could prevent the good one from approaching.<><><>

I cannot be with a man who does not wish to commit in order to build a strong relationship and having a future. Loyalty is the main ingredient. If you’re ready to be treated like a king, I’m the one. I sincerely believe that it is impossible to be a queen unless you treat your companion like a king.<>

Are you frustrated? I will listen to you and help you feel better. Are you discouraged? I will find a way to demotivate you, to push you. I will help you to be better, to do better and to bring out the best in you. I know how important it is to make my companion feel appreciated and respected.<><

Don’t go out with me if you’re not ready for love…<>

Do not go out with me if you are not ready to throw yourself into an ocean of passion and drown in love. When I love, I love with intensity. When I care about someone, it is unconditionally.<>

I will not be satisfied with a mediocre love. I want a love story, a love so deep that it awakens my most buried desires and stirs up the already burning fire of my soul.<>

Each of my cells will love each of yours, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly. You will be loved in a new way, like never before. I will introduce you to a form of intimacy that you never suspected. I will transform your fantasies into realities.<>

I will give you my heart so please don’t go out with me if you are not ready to receive the heart of a strong woman.<><><>

With all my love.<>



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