Be with the person who loves you in your worst moments

We fall in love for a million reasons – because of chemistry, because of similar interests, because we are in the right place at the right time. <>Falling in love is the easiest part – it is everything that comes after that is most difficult.<>

Love cannot solve your problems. It is not a magic remedy that can make your life better. When you fall in love, you feel like the world is a little brighter, but the fact is that one day you have to come back to reality – and sometimes reality is not so beautiful. <>And when things are not pretty, sometimes people leave.<>

This is why it is important to be with the person who will hold your hand when things are hard, who will let you put your tired head on his shoulder and listen even when you do not know what to say. Who will make you eat even if you are too stressed to feel hungry, who will lie down next to you when you are too sad to leave your bed.<>

Be with someone who accepts all versions of yourself – from sunny days to hurricane, good and bad days. Who does not judge you when you feel like you are less than nothing, who always keeps you on a pedestal when you feel worthless. Who doesn’t see your bad days as problems, but just little bumps along the road that you can take together – who stays by your side and never lets go.<>

Love him with the same tenacity, with the same gentle understanding that he grants you. Love him when he hits bottom and doesn’t know where else to go. No one stays in difficult times; when someone does, don’t let go.<>

Be with the person who loves you when you are at their lowest, because they are the one who will stay with you through everything<> . Because you can fall in love with anyone, but she is the one who will never stop loving you back.<>

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