Astrology: the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign in love relationships

If romantic relationships are so complicated, it is often because in committing, the two partners often misunderstand one another. By idealizing the spouse, one sees only his qualities and it is difficult to perceive what he hides behind his social carapace. Only, after a while, he/she reveals himself and we realize that he has some defects that irritate us to the highest degree.

Astrology highlights certain aspects of the personality that are not necessarily realized. Today, you are presented with the strengths and weaknesses of each sign of the zodiac when he enters into a relationship.


Dynamic in nature, Aries always needs to be in action. He is ambitious and gives himself the means to achieve the objectives he sets himself.

However the native of this sign is very impatient and when he has an idea in mind, he needs to realize it immediately. A bit stubborn, it does not change easily opinion.


This sign shows loyalty in his romantic relationships. He likes stability and calm. Taurus can not stand arguments and resentment.

But the native of this sign is sometimes a little too down to earth. He hates changing his habits and avoids the unexpected, which can sometimes annoy his / her partner. 


Equipped with approved relational ease, the Gemini is very sociable. He adapts to all situations and is happy to meet new people.

However, this sign is sometimes a little talkative and tends to be tactless when speaking. So you have to put the flea in his ear if he says things moved at times.


With great generosity, Cancer will be there for you in your worst moments. He will offer you his unconditional support and will give you concrete advice to get better. Sweet, he has no trouble showing affectionate gestures to his / her partner.

However, Cancer is very sensitive and can be whimsical. A strand likely, be careful when you make him a remark.


Lion often attracts sympathy and good humor. He is often admired by his colleagues. Generous and dedicated, he is very faithful in love.

However, this sign can sometimes seem imbued with his person. He has difficulty in externalizing his feelings for fear of showing his sensitive side.  


Perfectionist, the native of the Virgin demonstrates a relentless logic to make decisions. He is helpful and tries to help his loved ones as he can. He tries not to be fooled by his emotions and analyzes the facts rationally, which makes him look rigid at times and show intolerance in his love relationships.

Balance :

This sign seeks above all a harmonious and stable relationship. He needs to feel safe with his /her partner. He is fair and balanced. However, it is someone who hesitates a lot and has trouble making choices when necessary. He will often need to seek the advice of others before making a decision.


Scorpio is very tactful in loving relationships. Although he is passionate in nature, he shows delicacy in his actions. The native of this sign needs to live a strong relationship and filled with emotions. However, he can very quickly show his dark side and be aggressive if things go wrong …


Optimistic and dynamic, Sagittarius loves to travel and share pleasant moments. He does not like useless headshots and does not have time to debate trivialities. He likes to enjoy life at 100%.

But the native of this sign may be unstable and will not tolerate someone depriving him of what matters most to him: his independence.


The native of this sign is reliable and engaged in love. He will be ready to make concessions to preserve the relationship. Very responsible, he needs stability on all levels to feel happy.

However, Capricorn is very modest when it comes to revealing his emotions and needs to be constantly put in trust by his / her partner.


Being very independent, Aquarius needs to detach from traditional values ​​and customs and create its own universe. In love, he will love trying new experiences to flourish.

His quirky side is worth it to have trouble to engage in a serious relationship and to adopt a life of serene couple.


Imaginative and dreamy, Pisces is also extremely romantic and affectionate. A little naive, he believes in the great love that will last forever.

In addition, the native of this sign often has his head in the clouds, which prevents him from taking his responsibilities when it is necessary.


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