Astrology: the best place to have an intimate relationship according to your zodiac sign

Routine is undoubtedly the main enemy of love and fulfilling sexuality. As the daily becomes more stressful and responsibilities take over your torque dynamics, it is sometimes necessary to spice up the relationship to give it all its charm.

According to the personality of each zodiac sign, astrologers have highlighted the perfect places to make love. Discover them without delay!

1. Aries: in the bed of his parents-in-law

Aries loves to take risks. The prohibition excites him to the highest degree. The native of this sign desires what he does not have and believes in his infinite capacities. He is afraid of nothing and likes to go against the rules set by society. He will love making love in the bed of his parents-in-law while feeling the pleasure of the risk incurred by this act.

2. Taurus: in a luxury hotel

Taurus is hungry for beauty and luxury. He may be thoughtful and cautious, but he has a penchant for what inspires superiority. He will love making love in a luxurious suite. The subdued atmosphere, candles, perfumes and flowers will give him a dreamy evening.

3. Gemini: in a discotheque

Gemini is very communicative and loves crowded parties. He likes to chat with people he does not know, to dance and to look interesting. The native of this sign hates routine. It needs to be stimulated on a daily basis. Making love in a discotheque will give him infinite pleasure. He will be domineering and will be happy to spice up the relationship.

4. Cancer: at home

Cancer is calm and needs comfort to let go. The native of this sign is very afraid of change. He is comforting himself in his daily habits. He will opt for a pleasant sexual relationship, in a place he knows well: his own home. He will be gentle enough to put you at ease and offer you a magical moment.

5. Lion: at the cinema

The Lion likes to attract the gaze of others. He is handsome, intelligent and does not lack guts. The native of this sign will not be bothered to make love to the cinema, a place where people can see it. He has confidence in himself and his many assets. To offer oneself to one’s partner in the cinema is another opportunity to get noticed.

6. Virgin: in the kitchen

The Virgin refuses to indulge in carnal pleasures in a public place. However, he has nothing against varying locations, as long as it is at home. If the kitchen is clean is tidy, he will love making love in this place. Perfectionist, he will use all his power to grant pleasure to him / her spouse.

7. Balance: in front of a mirror

The Libra pays particular attention to the sight of the curves, shapes and desires of him / her partner. He likes to see his body and admire all his reactions during the sexual act. He will take pleasure in making love in front of a mirror while making sure to remain discreet so as not to hinder the pleasure of the other.

8. Scorpion: in an empty alley

Scorpio is a passionate being. He is always looking for passion, energy and novelty. Modest, he will not share his sexual frolics in public. However, he will not say no to make love in a dark alley, away from prying eyes.

9. Sagittarius: in a forest

More than any other sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is attracted by unusual places. He likes to go on an adventure and has a taste for nature. The native of this sign will share his passion with him / her partner by indulging in a sexuality on the fresh grass, in full walk-in forest.

10. Capricorn: in a massage parlor

Although it looks cautious and down to earth, the native of this sign seeks sexuality full of new experiences. After a good relaxing massage, he will have one desire: make love with him / her spouse in this place conducive to peace and serenity.

11. Aquarius: on the phone

Aquarius is rebellious and has sometimes very surprising desires. Very egocentric, the native of this sign will not bend over backward to provide pleasant sensations to him / her partner. He will prefer a more independent sexuality where each will take care of his own pleasure, exchanging intimate and erotic discussions on the phone to raise the excitement.

12. Fish: at the beach

Romantic to perfection, the Pisces loves the natural landscapes full of charm. Generous, he will offer him / her darling (e) a pleasant moment on the beach, far from the daily stress. The heat of the sand and the movement of the waves will allow him to access an incredible pleasure during this sexual sharing.


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