Astrology: the 5 most jealous zodiac signs

The life of a couple is punctuated by different feelings that can be felt towards the person who shares our life. When we are in love, we can not avoid feeling jealous. This is not a fault as such, but a notorious proof of all the interest that we carry for this person, but especially of our fear of seeing someone else take hold of it. love.

We must, of course, differentiate the shades of jealousy. When she is healthy, she can even help cement the couple. But when it turns into unhealthy jealousy, it has a harmful tendency to poison it. Some people are more inclined to develop   intense jealousy, especially if they are native to one of the 5 following signs:


The first qualification you will find to a sign native there is possessiveness. They have no idea of ​​sharing what belongs to them. They are also continually on the lookout, and a tiny spark of interest from another person towards their spouse is enough to arouse great jealousy. Which makes people anxious to protect their couple. They will watch with great attention each step of their partner. This is perfectly excusable when one understands that the Scorpions, behind their hard shell, are emotional beings and act thus only to protect themselves from any element likely to break their heart.

Remember that Scorpions are intuitive people, and the slightest affection for another person is enough to trigger their jealousy and doubts. In this case, they often have passive aggression. They will be quiet, but you will notice small gestures to get you out of your hinges. It is better to start a discussion to clarify things!


It is true that the Lion natives are so proud that you can never doubt their jealousy, but it is there. And the fact that it is silenced only intensifies it, which is why they are second in this ranking. And if you try to confront them with this fact, they will shake their mane frantically to deny that. After all, it would be a lack of sense to try to find happiness outside the court of a king.

In truth, their ego does not allow them to imagine that you could prefer another person to them, so they will act in a tacit way by giving disproportionate proportions to little different from everyday life. The next step is hard enough for their partner, they can very well try to control his outings, his discussions on social networks and even frown at the visit of friends of the opposite s ex.

When you feel that their jealousy is triggered, just flatter their ego and make them understand sincerely that they are your first choice and that you do not regret it.


The essential concern that imposes itself when one is with a person born of this sign there, is that it does not externalize its jealousy. This continues to accumulate and languish in the depths of him to the point where he can not anymore, at that moment he burst like a devastating storm. What is even more interesting is that his jealousy is built gradually, it usually begins when he realizes that you pay particular attention to a person of the opposite se x. In its conception, the couple is a territory that it owns and that it is supposed to protect against any element likely to compromise its balance. Jealousy for him is proof of love, and when he finally feels that your actions are the result of special interest, you will soon face his reaction. Be careful then,


The native people of the sign of Virgo are emotional and hold an incomparable intuition. They can feel things that the eyes of others can barely detect. So if you think that complimenting a person of the opposite se x for his outfit is a normal act, for them it is an act of infidelity and a profound lack of respect towards their person. When they feel that something is wrong, they trigger an analytical gear and silence their findings until you find yourself talking to each other. This is still a quality they are praised, they do not display their privacy in public.


Their lack of self-confidence is their first disadvantage. And that’s what easily causes their jealousy. They do not really feel able to completely satisfy their partner, so they need to be constantly reassured. Thus you can spare yourself the troubles of morbid jealousy. If you think that you have taken a step towards a person of the opposite se x who may have annoyed them, try to catch up with you the same day with a little discussion and special attention.


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