Astrology: the 3 women of the zodiac that men prefer

In the past, the level of attractiveness of a woman was defined by her physical appearance and the various assets she has. Today, this concept includes many more criteria and is especially subjective, leaving everyone the choice to define what arouses their interest in the female s ex. The criteria can be ethnic, intellectual, physical or even related to strictly personal data.

Thus men can be attracted by women who remind them of their mother or women with the same culinary taste as them. Anyway, it is unanimous that these three Zodiac women gather the most criteria likely to attract people around them.


Some are afraid to end up with a woman of character, but you will see that there is no reason to be so reluctant to find yourself with a Sagittarius woman. It will be the lever of your motivation, will help you lift when you fall and the reason for your smile every morning.

It’s a real ball of positive energy that will bring your life into a happily frantic flow. On top of that, she has a keen intelligence and will be a very good advisor for your different projects. It should not be forgotten that she is the very embodiment of the family spirit of the home.

If ever, you are lucky to find yourself with such a woman, you have to take care of her and cover her with attention. We must be careful not to be extremely possessive and jealous because it is also his freedom.

It will be the rock on which you can rely and will protect the entity that represents your cocoon.


If the genie granted you three wishes, meeting a Lion woman and living with her would surely be one of them. She is a strong, independent woman and does not fear sacrifices. This makes it an excellent choice for a partner who will work with you and who will be your support when the circumstances are not as favorable as before.

It will not risk hurting you and will protect your love valiantly against the vagaries of life. She is also radiant and her only smile is enough to brighten your day. The latter at his side would be a great blessing of the universe in your favor. She will not only be your spouse, but also your confidante and your best friend. And when some women prefer the tragic turn of the disputes, it will privilege the discussion and sincere communication to overcome the small dysfunctions of everyday life.


The perfect mix between a hard shell and a melting heart. His body vibrates sweet emotions while being animated by kindness and generosity without limits. But she is also a strong, powerful woman who never stops in front of obstacles that obstruct her path.

She is so expressive of her feelings, not wanting to hug a loved one or hug an acquaintance that she has not been able to see for a long time. It can stoke your jealousy and you can not blame you but if you are sure to treat her well, to offer her all the affection she needs and to flood her mind with benevolent love, you have nothing to fear.

You will not find at home the seductive superficiality of some women you may have known because she prefers simplicity. And if you need a traveling companion to explore distant lands on the other side of the world, it will take less than an hour to assemble your backpack.

Nevertheless, we do not deny the attractiveness and magnetism of other women of the zodiac. Each woman has a unique beauty, a character that differentiates her, and a way of being that specifies her to others around her. The charm of each of them imposes respect and reverence. Ladies, do not let yourself one day say that what you have as assets and qualities is not enough. No one should be able to define your attributes other than yourself. You are what you say and think of yourself, and your actions are a direct consequence.

A woman who has confidence in herself, who assumes her qualities as her faults and defines her own worth is more likely to attract the person she wants. To believe that this halo of insurance that surrounds it acts as a point of attractiveness and makes it a central orbit in the lives of others.


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