Astrology: The 3 most dominating zodiac women in bed

Sexual domination in bed has always been the prerogative of men. The latter, to stake their virility, indulge in hot romps giving vent to their fantasies the most intense. Nowadays, however, it is no longer exceptional to see some women take a dominant position in bed and unleash their need to conquer or even impose their strength in order to prove their autonomy and independence.

An enterprising and domineering woman remains disturbing to most men who see themselves as usurped by the only power they have to establish their authority. Other men, on the other hand, would be able to enjoy this erotic game with pleasure, because of their need to feel weak and submissive. Anyway, this somewhat exceptional character that could show the domineering woman demonstrates the hold that she has or would like to have on her partner and can just as easily reveal her conquering and provocative spirit.

By taking a close interest in women, astrology through the study of the stars, reveals the 3 women of the zodiac who through their strong character, could be domineering in bed at the expense or for the pleasure of their partner.


A spirited nature, the Aries woman is ruled by the planet Mars that reflects courage, action and dynamism. Its leitmotif is to conquer, win and impose dictatorship as much as possible. She likes to take on the toughest challenges and challenges, and to do so, she will be able to use all her talents as an impetuous and combative woman.

Another highlight of her personality is her egoism, even egocentrism, which she demonstrates in all circumstances. And when it targets an object of desire, nothing can stop it to appropriate it. In love, she is no exception to the rule. She would be ready to take the lead, to seduce and let out her carnal, passionate and hot desire.

In bed! without complex or modesty, she will let her desires guide her and her eroticism make her man her sexual prey that she will use to quench her thirst for thrills. In this regard, his strong character will take over to dominate his lover through the most dictatorial sexual positions. She has only one idea in mind, satisfy his intense libido. And her partner will be for her only a sexual object allowing him to reach the climax and the paroxysm of pleasure.


The Gemini woman is provocative by nature. By her extravagant outfits, her outspokenness and her admirable verbal communication, she attracts, seduces and puts at her feet the most demanding of men. Endowed with great imagination and above all with an impetuous sex appeal, she will give herself to the joy of erotic games with her partner.

This extraordinary woman likes to be admired, desired and flattered in her ego. By her demonstrative character, she will not fail to highlight her talents as a domineering woman to show that she is as capable as her partner of enjoying sexual freedom. And as if that was not enough, it will flutter from one man to another because this woman’s only motto, have a man in each port!


For the Lion woman, sexuality rhymes with pleasure. She allows herself to take all the joys of love and no taboo or inhibition will hinder her approach to carnal pleasure. Narcissistic to the extreme, she likes to flatter her ego by admiring and complimenting her body.

Her innate seduction instinct drives her to act and take the lead to seduce, even to dominate and control in bed. It is besides its intrinsic nature which stands out in its lovemaking. It is a partner who can be sexually aggressive and can act egocentrically to meet his or her needs because of sexual demands. His ideal partner? An original man, not afraid of singular games that add pep and fantasy in their life as a couple.


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