Astrology: here is what changes in you when you fall in love according to your zodiac sign

When love intervenes, it is far from leaving things unchanged. It can upset a lifetime, even change a person. And the impact that the cupid arrow has on each of us varies according to our personality and therefore quite naturally, according to our astrological sign.

Aries: love is a wildfire

For Aries, you just have to be passionate about something to go headlong; hesitation clearly has no place in his life. And when he falls in love, he hardly changes his method and prefers action to wait. He will always make sure to take the first step.

Taurus: Love is a test

This sign is far from engaging precipitously in the affairs of this life. He does things only when he has the certainty of making the right choice. As far as love is concerned, he absolutely wants to be sure to give only to someone who deserves it. As a result, he can keep his feelings repressed for a very long time. 

Gemini: Love is an eternal mystery

A person born under this sign tends to follow the instructions of his brain and neglect his feelings. And in the absence of this balance, Gemini is often lost in his own ideas. He always expects to be stimulated because boredom is his worst enemy, even in love.

Cancer: Love is a source of comfort

This is someone who is very attached to family, friends and friends in general. The warmth of the home is a fundamental part of his life and he almost always relies on what he feels first and foremost. A Cancer naturally expects love to be full of warmth, tenderness and comfort.

Lion: love is stronger than anything

Even if at first glance one can think that a Lion only wants to be put forward, it is enough that he is really in love so that all his attention is directed towards his half, to a point somewhat close to the obsession.

Virgin: Love is a secret

People born of the sign of Virgo are very critical of themselves as well as others. This sign can feel things intensely, especially when it is close to the beloved, but instead of expressing itself openly, it will prefer to hide its feelings by being ironic or sarcastic. 

Balance: Love is the imbalance

It is in the nature of this sign to appreciate everything that has a relationship with beauty and harmony. He also does not hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity to show the other all the love he gives him by small touches. However, he feels a constant feeling of imbalance, as if he were lost in his own happiness.

Scorpio: Love can break all walls 

All that a Scorpion feels must be sincere, intense and profound. Love is absolutely no exception to this rule and it is for this reason that this sign lives what it feels towards the beloved without restraint and with such intensity that it generally becomes very possessive. 

Sagittarius: Love is a discovery of oneself

This sign is marked by enthusiasm, alertness and optimism. Once fallen in love, he feels that passion is invading him and growing stronger by the day. And that’s more likely to happen if he knows he likes the other too.

Capricorn: Love is an endless mission

Sometimes Capricorn returns an impression of rigidity in the relationship because it always wants to take things in hand and do everything right. The satisfaction of his partner is a priority for him, so he gives himself completely for the relationship to continue. Nevertheless, we must not forget that sharing responsibilities is also good!

Aquarius: Love is surprising

He happens to be so absorbed by all the causes he defends and all the goals he has set for himself that he sometimes forgets his need to love and be loved. It is not surprising that he was taken from class when love knocked on his door and staggered as if he had to learn everything again about this romantic feeling. 

Fish: Love is an infinite devotion

It is the sign of devotion and altruism par excellence, he may be in love to the point of forgetting himself in history. Love makes him even more dreamy than he usually is, but he will do everything to make his partner as happy as possible.


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