Astrology: 5 zodiac couples who are not made to be together

You must probably know couples in your entourage whose relationship is not always good. There are more and more issues of contention that can lead to ripping and breaking. Astrologers believe that stars know which couples are not destined to be happy.

You must be aware, all couples are faced with one day or another with different challenges but it remains to be seen which are strong enough to face and override. This stability would come from what then? The answer is simple, the most connected partners are those who are most compatible mentally, psychologically or emotionally. This does not necessarily mean that they must be the same in all, since there are points where it is better for the two to be different in order to complement each other.

Astrology informs us that there are signs that are destined to fail if they try to get together, regardless of their desire to build something or to move forward. The lack of compatibility between them would, therefore, prevent them from lasting long enough to live a real story. It is these astrological signs that are concerned:

1. Virgin-Pisces

This pair is the very proof that opposites attract, it is beside the organization of the Virgin and the chaotic nature of Pisces that they will find that their relationship is particularly exciting, the passion will be clear at the rendezvous. you. But this passion does not always last, and as soon as these two partners come back to reality, they will find this opposition absolutely painful, even intolerable.

2. Capricorn-Cancer

These two signs of the zodiac have much more in common than one might think, especially when it comes to their attachment to their surroundings, their friends and family values. But over time, the fact that Capricorn wants to make things more serious and push the relationship as far as possible will eventually tire cancer that can often be impatient or even a lack of maturity.

3. Scorpion-Aquarius

These two signs will greatly appreciate each moment that they will spend together, the only catch is that the high spirit of Aquarius constantly motivates him to explore new horizons, which means that he can move away at some point, while Scorpio is likely to give stability a top priority and no matter what adventures he experiences, he will always want to land somewhere. That’s why this couple is not really supposed to last.

4. Aries-Lion

Aries and Leo would like to spend time together and fully live their love affair, the concern is that they both need the attention of others to find their balance, it is, unfortunately, this conflict of interest that can jeopardize the stability of their couple. A discord capable of pushing love to give way to the ego, which is obviously a sign of the end of their story.

5. Sagittarius-Taurus

If there is a couple that represents incompatibility in all its splendor, it is this one. On the one hand, we have Taurus who places a great deal of importance on the depth of things and their spiritual and sentimental value, so he will always want to settle down and establish a high level of understanding with the other. And then, there is Sagittarius, which often stops at the outward appearance of things and is satisfied with the satisfaction of the thrills that this world could bring him. It is a relationship that represents a failure even before birth.


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