And you, what mask do you wear?

We do not wear masks only for disguised parties, in fact, we wear them every day. Of course, those are not seen, but we know, consciously or unconsciously. We hide behind these facades for various reasons.

Our invisible masks

You may already be thinking, “Anything, I’m always authentic, I’m not hiding behind anything”.

Are you sure? Let me explain what I mean in this article.

We use and use masks, invisible shells for various reasons. To protect oneself, to protect someone, out of shyness, out of self, because we are in a sense, shaped by society. So, I do not put everyone in the same basket, besides, I do not like the “boxes” (but that’s another debate). Indeed, some people wear more types of masks than others, more or less regularly, etc …

I will also add that children rarely wear them, do you see where I am coming from?

Pretend that everything is fine

It is possible that it is the mask that most people wears. In France anyway, I do not know enough other countries to be able to talk about it.

” – How are you? ”
” Are you okay? ”

This answer, which I would almost call automatic, is often already a mask. Not always, of course. When it’s the truth, it’s not a mask. But how often does this answer actually hide “it’s not going so well” but do not want to say or do not think so much to say that all is well?

To pretend at work, in front of friends, in front of the family … How many times have you pretended? But the real question is not in my opinion here. I think it’s more interesting to ask “Why? “.

There are many reasons for this mania that we often have to pretend. I will talk about the ones that seem to me the most common.

  • Do not want the person in front to ask questions (it happens often and it’s totally understandable).
  • Do not want to worry the person in front of you, especially if it’s someone close (again, it’s understandable, but in a way, it’s not being honest. face, especially if it’s someone benevolent, can perhaps help, be attentive, do good)
  • Do not show weaknesses (It is the ego that takes over, the ego who always wants to be strong whatever happens and especially who does not want to be judged. very frequented!)
  • And many more

Do not admit weaknesses at least to relatives, to people you trust and keep everything to yourself, is not a solution well-being. To confess to others is also to confess to oneself that something is wrong. From this moment, it is possible to understand why and to seek solutions to tend towards a better being.

Match an ideal

A lot of people, especially young people (teenagers, young adults) do everything to match an ideal that they set for themselves. Be like so-and-so, be as thin as a thing or have the same clothes as a thing. The goal is often the same (and often unconscious), to be accepted by society, to enter a mold or even to be envied.

Social networks really do not help as the photos are retouched and staged worked to give the impression of a perfect life. But who are these people behind these seemingly ideal photos? And among those who want to do the same, what are their real traits?

If you recognize yourself in this description (or if you recognize someone), ask yourself who you really are, and why you do not want to be yourself . What are you running away from? What do you hope to find by trying to hide behind a personality that is not yours? Imagine yourself in a world only benevolent, without judgment, in which nobody is interested in the appearance … What would you really like to do in this world? These seemingly trivial questions can be the beginning of real introspection and knowledge of yourself.


“You must first be who you really are, then do what you have to do to get what you want. ”

Shakti Gawain


This can also apply to other, simpler desires. The first that comes to mind is the cult of thinness. How many people with a perfectly harmonious body dream of getting even slimmer, in order to “fit” in this or that size of pants? Is it really, most importantly, going from a size 40 to a size 36? If you do not make yourself happy by just being yourself, I doubt you’ll be happier with one or two sizes less (I’m not talking about people in real overweight or underweight)

This article is not intended to judge or criticize anyone. If you agree with yourself, it’s great and I’m happy for you! My desire, however, is to help those who want it, to think about who they really are. Then I invite you to ask yourself if your actions in life are in accord with your values, your principles, your desires, you as a whole.

Society often encourages us to wear masks, to match expectations, to blend in with the crowd. But what sadness for people who do not recognize it. How sad it is not to allow yourself to be who you are. We are on earth to experience human life, it is a pity to miss our desires and our deepest being.

Have an answer to everything and be very sure of yourself

People who seem extremely confident in their actions, their way of speaking are often the opposite. This mask, many unsuspecting people dress it without even realizing it consciously. These people will often try to put themselves forward, take a lot of space (physically and / or orally) … Again, I do not put everyone in the same basket, some people are like that of “nature”. This can be seen in particular with astrology, the astral theme can “reveal” many traits, among others.

I would like to speak more specifically of people whose facade, an image they give themselves, a mask they wear. It is very difficult to point out to someone wearing a mask that he is wearing one until the person is ready to hear it. In these cases, there is no need to insist, everyone must make his way, his experiences and heal his wounds when it is time. If you recognize yourself in these lines, ask yourself and be honest with yourself. Other than yourself, no one will judge you


I would like to finish with these words: Become fully engaged, love yourself and allow yourself to be yourself. Live according to your principles, your values ​​, and your desires. Seeking to be like someone else, not to say how you really feel, is to lie to yourself. It’s not being honest with yourself and by ripple effect, not being able to be fully happy. Indeed, happiness is in you, looking for it elsewhere does not make sense (in my opinion, again).

We are all unique and it’s wonderful, cultivate our differences and be complementary to each other rather than trying to be identical.


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