All the physical signs of a man in love

When you fall in love, of course, you want to know if the feeling is mutual. We are trying to spot the physical signs that prove that a man is in love with us. Even if at first glance it may seem impossible to read the soul of the person in front of us, there are many physical signs that show what this man feels for us.

For example, you notice that every time you fall in love, you gain weight while your partner seems to be losing weight. Apparently, when you’re in love, you go through physical and biological changes. What then are the signs of a man in love?

The physical signs of a man in love according to the degree of the relationship

Each stage of a romantic relationship presents its own physical manifestations. We decided to reveal to you the physical signs that a man in love exhibits, depending on the degree of your relationship.

The attraction phase

You are put off by his sweaty hands when he says hello. Don’t be! In fact, it is a compliment. If you want to know if your potential partner is interested in you, look at two things: is he present and is he attentive to what you say?

If it shows these two characteristics, it means that it seeks to absorb each word that you say because it knows that it will need it later, during your potential next meetings. A man attracted to you will also have a biological response: his pupils will dilate, his hands will be sweaty and he will have trouble keeping up a meaningful conversation, without interruption.

The phase of the first serious meetings

When you get to the next step, you may notice that your suitor is more nervous and stressed than before. This is because the tonsils, which control fear, start to work faster. For this reason, many people choose to practice sex early in their relationship: to release stress!

You can, of course, also opt for meditation. But where is the fun in there? A nervous and stressed man during a date is a man interested in you!

The moment you fall in love

Men and women have different ways of falling in love. When your partner starts to fall in love with you, their testosterone level drops. He feels more tired, gaining weight or losing muscle mass. He may also have less desire for physical intercourse!

He will also suffer from sudden mood swings: at one point he will be euphoric and at another, anxious and depressed. To avoid this annoying feeling, many men choose to leave their partner when things get serious.

When you are in love

Being in love is like being addicted. The levels of dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin are at their peak and the tonsils (fear) disappear. Your man loses all sense of judgment and sees life in pink. Love can make you as addicted as drugs and it’s completely crazy: love is crazy!

The 10 physical signs of a man in love with you

Then there are of course the ostentatious physical signs. They are the same for all men and only a few of them are able to control or even hide them.

1. The soft-touch

The easiest and most obvious sign to recognize is, of course, touch. A man in love with you will be tender and delicate; he will gently put his hand on your shoulder or gently stroke your hair. If, on the other hand, he gives you a pat on the shoulder as he would do with a friend, he is not interested in you.

2. Head tilt

When a man looks at the object of his affection, instinctively, he tilts his head. It is a way, unconscious, to show vulnerability and try to lure you into the net.

3. Eye contact

Another physical sign of a rather obvious loving man is eye contact. A partner who looks you straight in the eye when you speak and who does not look curiously around him is a man already in love with you! It’s his way of staying connected and establishing an emotional and spiritual connection.

4. Sagging shoulders

Even if it may seem counter-intuitive, a man who shrugs his shoulders when looking at you is trying to send you a clear message: he is in love! He throws his shoulders forward as if he is about to embrace you and give you a big big hug.

5. Body position

The direction a man takes when he speaks to you says a lot about his feelings. A man facing you or a guy whose shoulders and knees are turned towards you is a conquered partner!

6. The devastating smile

Love makes you happy and what does a happy man do? He smiles, of course! One of the physical signs of a man in love is this expression, which is sometimes silly, which he sports because he cannot control it. Even if your jokes suck, he will laugh at the top of his lungs, simply because he likes your company.

7. The touch of the face

A man interested in you will subtly caress your face. He will run his hand through his hair, touch his lips or the earlobe. These parts of the body are sensitive areas that we touch when we are in front of a person we like.

8. He imitates your gestures

He is so captivated by your speech and your charm that he subconsciously imitates each of your gestures. You run your hand through your hair, it does the same! Do you touch your nose? He is scratching his! Mimicry is one of the physical signs of a man in love.

9. He jumps on his chair

He finds it hard to stay put. He is nervous and stressed, he wants to show himself in the best light but the feelings he has for you are stronger than him. He feels uncomfortable and jumps in his chair. This does not mean that he is not interested in what you say but, quite simply, that he has only one thing in mind: kiss you!

10. He is classy

One of the telltale signs of a man in love is the way he looks before you. If he made the effort to wash (!) And wear a classy and chic outfit, it is because he is trying to show you that he takes your appointment seriously. He wants to show himself in his best light and reveal all his physical qualities.

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