Activities for couples, by month of the year!

For a year full of love and originality, we invite you to discover a list of activities to do as a couple classified by month of the year.
A year is dotted with parties, events, seasons … which allow a renewal of ideas to avoid the daily routine in your couple.
Indeed, from January to December, there is always something original and unusual to do with your other half!
Have fun finding for each proposal below a little extra that will allow you to give more life to the chosen activity (a small DIY gift, a new outfit …).
So do not hesitate to pick from our ideas for activities for couples!

Activities for January

Raclette or fondue evening
Making and tasting a galette des rois
Italian restaurant or Italian meal (January 17, Italian cooking day)
Indian evening to celebrate India’s national holiday (January 26)
Romantic candlelit meal to counter the blues for the month of January
Massages and hugs evening (January 21 is hugs day)
Organize a photo session at home with costumes and accessories! Couple open questions

Activities for February

Chinese meal to celebrate the Chinese New Year
TV Marathon (Watch a new series or revise your favorite series)
American evening watching the Superbowl
Dinner in an original restaurant
Reflection on a project for two (travel, artistic activity, creation, course … )
Taste pancakes to celebrate Candlemas
Outing to celebrate Valentine’s Day (February 14)
Start a puzzle (go … 1000 pieces!)

Activities for March

Competition for two video games
Decoration of the lounge on the theme of spring
Green meal for Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17)
Special evening in Mexico (National holiday on March 31)
Celebrate the arrival of spring: green meal, walk, picking daffodils
Write a poem to each other (March 21 is poetry day)
Evening tasting of various cheeses (March 27 is cheese day)
Take advantage of the spring of cinema to discover new films

Activities for April

Brunch in a local restaurant
Planning the next vacation
Tasting of various chocolates for Easter
Evening at English time (national holiday on April 23)
Getaway to a bookstore and treat yourself to a book, chosen one for the other (23 April is book day)
Plant aromatic herbs in your garden or on your balcony (or window sill)

Activities for May

Walk in the Forest to go picking lily of the valley
Pancake tasting for Saint Yves (May 19)
Star Wars Marathon (May 4 is Star Wars day)
Night of museums
Viewing of Eurovision with each player’s forecasts, the winner will be offered a gift Board
games evening (May 31 is game day)
Pick fruits and vegetables in a pick-up

Activities for June

Picnic in a park
Massages in an institute (June 9 is well-being day)
Offer each other a USB key with your favorite songs (music festival)
Walk to the market to buy the evening meal Walk
in a flea market
Visit a zoo
Visit a greenhouse with pretty flowers

Activities for July

Cinema to go see the blockbuster of the summer
Kissing contest (July 6 is kissing day)
Picnic in a park before watching the fireworks
Send sms all day … but only with Emojis (July 17 is Emojis day)
Dance at the firefighters’ ball
adventure Relaxation day in the countryside
Create your own homemade ice cream

Activities for August

Getaway to the beach for a day
Go out to drink a delicious cocktail on a terrace
Geo-caching in your city
Make a mini-golf
Play the Couple Challenge – 30 days
Go see a free concert
Admire a beautiful sunset
Water battle !
A stopover meal. Take an aperitif in a bar, then a starter in a first restaurant, then the dish in another, and the dessert outside (ice cream, pancake …)

Activities for September

Walk in the forest
Gourmet dinner at home or in the restaurant (September 21 is gastronomy day)
Start a new sport together
Start filling out a notebook for lovers
Decoration of the living room on the theme of autumn

Activities for October

Relaxation day at the SPA / Hammam
Disguised evening for Halloween (outside or at home!)
Homemade cocktail tasting
Pick up mushrooms, chestnuts, flowers …
Start reading a book together
Watch horror movies with popcorn

Activities for November

Evening board games
Celebrate Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November in the USA)
Send sms all day with compliments (November 3 is kindness day)
Bowling competition evening
Rent a hotel room in your city and enjoy it to take a bath for two!

Activities for December

Creation of handmade Christmas gifts
Viewing of Miss France with the forecasts of each, the winner will be offered a gift
Decoration of the Christmas tree
Battle of snowballs
Celebrate winter by spending a whole day in bed!
Go camping in the living room next to a good wood fire … or a radiator!
Evening quiz “Do you know your darling perfectly

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