A thank you to the man I will always love

I never expected to meet him one day. The one my heart always needed. The one I can be with myself. The one I could call my only true love. But I did it and now I want to thank him.<>

I never thought I would meet you and fall in love so quickly … but you came into my life and you changed my life.<>

You took all the little pieces of my broken heart and rebuilt it.<>
You taught me that love is not that bad after all. You made me forget that I had already loved someone before you.<>

You don’t know how much I need you. You think I’m a strong woman, but the truth is that I wouldn’t be the woman I am if I didn’t have your love and support.<>

You drive me crazy a thousand times a day. I mean, literally, you annoy me all the time. But that’s what makes me realize how real it is.<>

True love is made up of imperfections and alternations of ups and downs.<>

We need this fight to know that we have something worth defending.<>

You can annoy me and I can annoy you too, but at the end of the day, we love each other so much. We are mutually reinforcing.<>

Being with you makes me feel at home and I never thought I could love more than I already do. What I mean by that is that every day my love grows more for you. How did I manage to have this chance to be loved by you?<>

The things I like most about you is how you hug me during our arguments when I’m the one at fault; it’s your way of telling me that everything will be fine when i know it’s wrong; is that you are there for all the difficult moments of my life, even if I would not blame you if you ran away; is that you know exactly what I want, even when I don’t know myself what I want; it is when you show me that giving up is not possible in our relationship.<>

I don’t mean I can’t live without you because I imagine I could, but I don’t want to live without you. I don’t want to start a career without you being there to support me by all means, I don’t want to be a mother if I can’t have you next to me as father of our children, I don’t want build a house unless I can’t have you at home, I don’t want to age … unless I can age with you, and I don’t want to love unless I can love you until at the end of my life.<>

I will always be grateful to you for being loved by you. I will always be lucky because I am loved by you and I will always be loved because you loved me.<>

Thank you for loving me when I’m at my worst, at my strongest and in between.<>

Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.<>

Thank you for giving me the strength to love again.<>

But above all, thank you for choosing me to be your future wife and for allowing me to love you for the rest of our lives.<>

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