A sports coach offers a challenge of 6 exercises to do at home to burn belly fat and lose weight

Abdominal fat is now the concern of many people. A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet or stress are the main causes of this problem. In this article, we will share with you 6 exercises of the famous Californian coach Eric Bowling that you can do at home to naturally reduce belly fat. But do not forget that a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep, and good hydration are essential to the success of this challenge.

Measuring your waist is a simple way to find out if you have too much abdominal fat. According to a report from the World Health Organization, women whose waist circumference is greater than 88 centimeters or men whose waist circumference is greater than 102 centimeters suffer from obesity and may be at greater risk of illness. Student. Do not hesitate to talk with your doctor about excess abdominal fat and its health risks.

It’s time to move!

This workout routine includes bodybuilding, cladding and other yoga poses. They all aim to reduce belly fat and strengthen your body. You must do this workout three times a week and for best results, walk, jump rope or swim. The good news is that you do not need to become a member of a gym club because you can do these movements at home. So, if you’re interested, scroll through the list of effective abdominal exercises to sculpt and create a nice,   well-drawn belly.

The bike

Lie on the floor by lifting your shoulders behind your head and bringing your elbows to your knees in a bicycle motion. It is a vital exercise for burning belly fat as it requires deep abdominal stabilization and rotation.

The twist crunch

Sit on the floor with your knees bent, tilt your torso slightly back a few inches, lift your feet and then cross your arms in front of you and turn your torso to the right, and to the left, repeating for a minute.

The Captain’s Chair

Sit on a sturdy chair with your feet flat on the floor. With both hands, lift your legs by bending your knees.

The oblique crunch

This exercise is part of the bodybuilding movements that strengthen the abdominal belt including obliques. Lie on the floor with your knees and arms as shown in the photo, then lift your torso by touching your right knee with your left elbow. Make repetitive series for the right side then the left side.

The butterfly crunch 

Lie back with your back and shoulders flat on the floor, then glue the soles of your feet together, then bend your knees outward like a butterfly. This exercise strengthens both the abdominal part and the pelvis!

The board

The board is an essential exercise to lose belly. If you have trouble keeping your arms straight, try this exercise on your forearms. Be sure to keep your elbows and shoulders on the same line and then keep your hips, heels, and shoulders at the same height.

It’s your turn!

It’s your turn!


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