A man, a real one knows that a woman is more than enough

Men who go out with lots of women all the time, or have physical intercourse with more than one woman at a time are usually big selfish people. The guys who behave like this are bound to be concupiscent and greedy duds, having no consideration for the feelings of their female counterparts.

A man running after lots of girls and getting tired of it just as quickly is not a real man. He needs to grow and understand that a relationship requires work and is not just fun.

When the spark fades, we have to make an effort … Rather than give up and go in search of a new conquest.

A guy who goes out with several women, who play the lottery and refuses to “land” with you, is not a serious candidate for a lasting relationship.

A real man knows that a woman is more than enough:

– A real man knows that love is the most incredible feeling in the world

A real man knows that love is the most incredible feeling in the world. He knows that to find true love, he must have a partner who will be both his best friend and his lover. And that it is there, the most beautiful love.

– He knows what your flaws and imperfections are, but still loves you

He knows that no one is perfect and that everyone has their faults. He also understands that your faults make you who you are, make you human and make you special. This is the reason why he loves your faults as much as he loves you. This is the reason why he knows what your flaws and imperfections are but still loves you.

– He is ready to support you, whatever the circumstances and situations

A man, a real one, understood that in life there were ups and downs. Everyone suffers, it’s part of life. He knows that if he allows you to share your suffering with him, it will be less painful.

He understands that love can only exist when you love someone steadfastly, whatever the situation. He is happy to stand by your side no matter what; he will always be there, for fun and fighting; and you can always count on him. He is ready to stand by your side, whatever the circumstances and situations.

– It makes you understand that you are the best thing that ever happened to him

A real man lets you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. His morning ritual makes you smile, for example when he brushes his teeth or drinks his coffee. It ensures that you never go to bed feeling sad, upset or angry.

It makes you understand that the love of a lifetime always comes after big mistakes and that certain relationships exist only to teach us what love should never look like. He makes you realize that his presence should allow you to love yourself more and never be content with the minimum, for fear of loneliness.

– He is mature enough to get involved and get involved

It’s not necessarily because he has no fear of engagement – most men have it – that whatever happens, he’s ready to take the plunge. He is ready to make the necessary sacrifices because he knows you are worth it.

He may be afraid to commit, but he doesn’t run away; he chooses to face it, like a man, a real one.

He probably wants nothing but to sit with you and love you with all his heart. Whether he is afraid to commit or not, he is ready to be with you. He’s a real man.

A man, a real one, experienced many romantic failures and met many women who did not suit him. So when he meets you, he will know what he has just found …

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