A Letter To My Best Friend Who Saw Me Going Through My Breakup

Dear best friend,<>

I never doubted our friendship. It may sound cheesy, but from the day I met you, I knew you would make a difference in my life and that you would become someone special to me.<>

It was and still is the truth. During all these years, you have been my accomplice, my other half and my family. You have become my person.<>

And it’s something I can’t thank you enough for. All this time, you have done more than anyone has ever done for me – without any exaggeration.<>

But what showed me that I could count on you as long as I was alive was my heartache.<>

The heartache that I did not experience alone, the heartache that you went through with me, as if it happened to you.<>

No, I will not talk about the pain I felt. I will not talk about the trauma and the scars remained.<>

You know why ? Because here it is not about me, but about you.<>

The truth is, I’m not a great writer, but I just want to thank you. Please never let me fight my demons on my own and never give up on me.<>

Thank you for supporting me. Not to have lost your temper when I was angry, hysterical and unbearable.<>

Not to have lost patience and not to have sent me for a walk, even when I deserved it.<>

Thank you for always listening to me. To have always been there, never to have told me that I bore you with my endless stories that you had heard thousands of times, and never to have been too busy to listen to me.<>

Thank you for picking up the phone in the middle of the night and for coming to my door whenever I needed you.<>

Thank you for taking care of me as if I were a child and for never having looked away from me.<>

Thank you for being understanding and compassionate. To have understood my pain and not to have let it eat me raw.<>

Thanks for not judging me. For not blaming me for what I felt.<>

For realizing that I needed time to recover. For not having thought that I was mad to have acted like that.<>

Thank you for holding my hand and wiping away all my tears. For staying with me all those times when I was afraid of sleeping alone and for living my life in my place when I was unable to function.<>

Thank you for being mean, harsh and brutal at times, and for opening my eyes.<>

For all those times when you made me face the painful truth that I refused to accept. Never lying to me just to make me feel better.<>

For telling me everything I didn’t want to hear, only because it was for my own good. For all the times I hated you when I should have been grateful for your honesty.<>

Thank you for never leaving me. Thank you for curing me, because I wouldn’t have been able to do without you.<>

However, I also want to tell you that I’m sorry.<>

Sorry for putting my ex first while we were together. Sorry for not giving you enough of my love and attention.<>

Sorry to be blind in all these situations where you tried to tell me that he was good for nothing.<>

Not to have believed you and your judgments, even if you always know what is best for me.<>

Sorry for being selfish. For not having thought of your needs, when I was in a moment of distress.<>

For having spent all these months in my personal agony, without asking you once how you were.<>

Without understanding that you have a life outside of my friendship and never having asked yourself if you needed me during this time.<>

I’m sorry I’m not the friend you deserve.<>

I know I could never thank you for all that you have done for me. I only hope you know I would be lost without you.<>

I only hope that you know that you inspire me, that you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. And I hope that you will learn from my mistakes, without ever repeating them.<>

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