A hobby ideas for couples? Follow the guide..

Find ideas for hobbies and activities to do as a couple!
Having fun and having a good time with your partner is essential for your relationship to be more fulfilled. If your relationship becomes somewhat “boring” and routine it may be important to find a common hobby.
You will be able to discuss your common passion and find your complicity. You spend more time together. You will be more united and more fulfilled.
This will bring you closer and reweave your couple.
We invite you to discover some small ideas of activities and other hobbies to do as a couple to strengthen your relationship.
You will discover inexpensive ideas, to do in summer or winter, at home or outside … in short you will find hobbies for all tastes!


There is surely a cause which is particularly dear to your heart both (animals, health, education …). Take stock of the associations present in your sector and contact the ones that motivate you the most in order to find out the registration procedures as well as the different “positions” offered.

A blog or website

Create a website or blog on a topic that both interests you. Write articles together, make your photo reports, modify the design to your taste … The creation of a website takes a lot of time and you risk spending many evenings bending over the conception and publication of your articles.

Write a book together

Play apprentice writers by finding a framework together, characters and their psychologies … even if the novel will never be published, you will surely have a great time imagining the adventures of your characters.

A creative hobby

Painting, sculpture, drawing … a multitude of creative hobbies exist! You will surely find one that will please you and thus occupy your many romantic evenings!


Gardening, tending a vegetable garden … yes it takes a lot of work, but can be a lot of fun. As a couple, you will enjoy watching your vegetables and pretty flowers grow. If you do not have a garden, contact your town hall to see if you can rent a worker garden.

A sport

Choose a sport that you both love and join a club near you. Some examples of sport: Climbing is an ideal sport to do as a couple since you need a climber and a person who does it. This sport also requires trusting your partner, which will allow you to bond your ties.
Tennis, doubles or one against the other. A sport that allows you to bond and have fun whatever your level. Running can also be a good idea for a couple’s sport. You can measure your progress, train together, motivate yourself, and why not, register for a few races!

To learn a new language

Take lessons outside with a teacher or at home from lessons from specialized websites. Have fun watching movies or series in this language. Practice chatting using the new words you have learned together. After a while you can organize a trip to check your language level!

Cook together

Learning to cook as a couple is a very fashionable activity. Take lessons with a professional cook, buy cookbooks and try recipes together, create and discover new flavors.

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