A father denounces his son to the police after finding pictures of a naked baby in his phone

In order to educate their offspring, parents use several means such as dialogue, awareness, or penalties such as deprivation to perform certain activities. But when these methods do not work, parents feel lost, and can sometimes resort to very severe punishments. This is the case of this dad who was so disappointed by the behavior of his son, he decided to send him to prison.

A child or teenager who does not understand the difference between right and wrong is likely to develop psychological disorders, and to commit reckless and irresponsible acts. It is for this reason that parents increase their efforts to transmit good human values ​​to their descendants. But unfortunately, the educational methods they use do not work all the time, and some find themselves disenchanted and disappointed by the behavior of their offspring.

A disappointed but firm dad

The story that we are going to tell you today is the story of a father who was overwhelmed by his son’s behavior, yet he managed to teach him a good lesson, thanks to his courage and his strength of character.

Paul Spensberger is an American who lives in the state of Missouri in the United States. Last December, Paul confiscated his son Andrew’s phone as a punishment for his bad behavior.

While searching the phone confiscated from his son, Paul suddenly found pictures of a little girl of two years naked. So he decided to ask his son for an explanation, and the latter told him that he intended to sell the photos of the little girl to a pedophile in the school where he was studying.

Terrorized, and disgusted by the serious act of his son, Paul decided to denounce his son. So he called the police and told them the facts, regardless of what might happen to Andrew.

In an interview with FOX 2, Paul Spensberger said that his son Andrew has always committed reckless acts ranging from repetitive brawls with other teenagers to stealing objects and money from his parents.

An irresponsible teenager

Andrew Spensberger confessed to the police that the two-year-old girl is the daughter of one of his girlfriend’s relatives. He claims that he had to remove the little girl’s diaper so that she could take a picture of it, and then sell it to one of her classmates for $ 330, the equivalent of 280 euros.

Andrew explained to the police and his father that he photographed the baby, only because he needed money, and had to repay debts to some people at his high school.

The 17-year-old has been charged with pornographic photos of children, has to pay $ 10,000 bail, and may spend a few years in jail. But Paul, his father still does not know if he has to pay bail for his son to be released, or if he has to leave him in jail for him to learn a good lesson.

Even if the parents of the little girl photographed by Andrew forgave her, her father does not intend to do the same. In one of his interviews, he explained that he knows that his son is having very bad times in prison , and that he feels very bad, but he is convinced that this is how he will be able to question oneself and learn from one’s mistakes. Paul Spensberger also said that he does not regret having denounced his son to the police, and that if he had to do it again, he would have done it again without hesitation.

The decision of this father is up to his disappointment. It is certainly extreme but it is the way he has found for his son to realize the seriousness of his behavior. And you what do you think?


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