9 things that men like in women more than physical beauty

Women want to know, since always, what a man likes at home. Their eyes, their smile? And if it were none of this, or at least not that … Is your love finally a story of “beauty” or physical attraction? Reply…

What sort of criteria is a woman supposed to meet in order to attract a man to her? Should she only rely on her beauty or charm to attract him? If 53% of women today in France want a man to be above all attentive, only 30% of them attach importance to their style and their physical attractions. But what about men? What kinds of women do you like the most? Does the physical matter above all else? 

1. The independent:

Independent women capsize the hearts of men. Responsible, emancipated, the independents seduce by their freedom and by their maturity. They are not afraid to show that they are equal to men. Character traits that appeal to these … 

2. The confidante:

Nothing is more reassuring for a man than to know that he can count on his darling at all times … but as a friend too! Being able to confide in her as she would with her best friend is one of the most sought-after qualities men like about you ladies! You know what you have to do now.

3. The understanding woman:

It is well known that a man always has a hard time accepting criticisms and remarks, even if they are mostly constructive. He will wait for a woman to be understanding and open, and especially that she does not judge him. 

4. The natural woman:

Having values ​​and beliefs in life is the basis of the criteria for a man to be attracted to you. Staying true to your friends, caring for loved ones and enjoying the simple pleasures of life are all reasons why your man will love you madly. 

5. The woman full of surprises:

Like you ladies, men hate anything that touches, in any way, the feeling of weariness that is very common in a couple’s life. Be creative, surprise him. He will only be more in love with you. 

6. The woman who knows what she wants:

An ambitious woman is a woman who will surely attract men! Having dreams, realizing them and knowing how to let go are all traits that will reassure your man and make him understand that nothing stops you in life!

7. The woman sure of herself:

A woman sure of herself and her assets, whether physical or mental, is a woman who will have no trouble trusting his man. No doubt that is the reason why men are sometimes so madly in love …

8. The enterprising woman:

Eh yes ! Men love women who know how to love them and who do not hesitate to show it to them as often as possible. So take the first step …

9. The intelligent woman:

Contrary to what one might think, the intelligent woman is far from scaring men. If some of them fear to appear less cultivated in the eyes of their companions, this is certainly not true. So stop putting pressure on yourself. She loves you for what you are just as you love her for what she is …


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