9 steps to becoming a better person

Everyone wants to become a better person. But some people just do not know how.

At the end of each day, I think and see what I can do to become a better person. That’s not all because my goal is to leave an imprint on Earth for doing beautiful things. By reserving time every day to think about my attitudes (if they were good or bad), I have the opportunity to grow.

Growing up, I was not the friendliest person. I could make fun of others, I was selfish and I thought the world revolved around me. After a few years, I can say that I have evolved enormously. I am no longer the boring child I was. Because I grew up and learned what it’s like to be a better person.

After learning what it means to be a better person, I was able to transform myself into a person who does not bother me. I am much happier to be who I am. And I would not be ashamed to tell my future children the kind of person I am.

Here are 9 ways to be a better person through personal development:

1. Want to change

To become a better person, you have to want to change.

Change is the only way to grow and progress to become the person you want to become. Many people are against change, which makes evolution very difficult.

When you keep an open mind and want to change, you are able to transform yourself into the person you want to become.

2. Stop finding excuses

Before, when something was wrong, I found myself apologizing every time. I blamed others: it was the fault of anyone involved. On the other hand, I would never have reproached myself when things went wrong.

Instead, I learned that taking responsibility for one’s own mistakes is extremely important. I stopped finding excuses and took responsibility when it was really my fault. And I could accomplish so much more! Realizing that I made a mistake, I was able to use this error to learn what helped me become a better person.

3. Stop being angry

Many people let anger and rage impair their ability to make decisions. I was angry growing up. But the only thing I managed to do was damage my relationships with people and increase my pressure.

Controlling anger is a difficult skill to master. But it is very beneficial. Instead of getting angry, I decided to find a way to change my negative emotion. Staying angry does not help or solve the problem. On the contrary, it creates even more. Find a way to relax your nerves when you are angry. For example, you can use an anti-stress ball.

4. Become a model

Sometimes you have to become a role model for doing things right. Once you become a model in a field, people look at you. And you become much more aware of your way of acting. You do not want to disappoint people by showing them that you are immature or a bad model.

You can start small and become a “big brother” for someone, coach a team of kids or be a role model for yours. Whatever you choose, always make decisions that will make the person who admires you respect you.

5. Forgive

To forgive someone who has hurt you is really hard to do. Before, I was resentful. When someone did something against me, I thought I would never have forgiven him. And this, even if it was a small hanging. I stood in front of the person. And it was clearly not healthy.

I quickly learned that humans are prone to making mistakes. Instead of keeping a record of their mistakes for life, try to forgive. To become a better person, go back and forgive someone who did something that hurt you.

6. Listen to people

People are extremely busy with their careers, families and life. Everyone is in a hurry. People rarely have time to listen to what others have to say. I learned that listening to people and giving everyone a voice is one of the smartest things to do.

Listening to people allows you to meet extraordinary people, close the best deals and develop connections that will last a lifetime. All because you take the time to listen to people. Being a good listener can change your life in a positive way.

7. Be honest

Honest people are hard to find nowadays. However, honesty is the best remedy for any situation. Promise yourself not to lie once for a month.

Take the challenge of being honest by developing good habits. If you are a compulsive liar, start small by trying to be honest for a day. After accomplishing a small goal, go to two or three days.

8. Do something you do not want

Keep an open mind and try things that you would not normally do is a very good way to become a better person. Take a risk and challenge yourself to try something you are afraid to do.

You only live your life once so go out.

9. Surprise someone special

Do you have a partner in your life? Whether it’s a loving partner, your child or a family member, plan a surprise for them. If you know someone who deserves a great holiday or a new gift, go buy it for him / her.

One of the most rewarding feelings of this world is knowing that you made someone smile. Surprise that special person in your life by doing something special for her.


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