9 signs that this man will never stop loving you

Finding a man who is willing and ready to settle down and love you for ALWAYS is not an easy task. So finding the right one is a bit like going out on the street and finding a 100-euro bill on the ground – a sweet surprise that you grab as quickly as possible. Here are nine signs that your partner is so in love with you that their love will never fade.

1. He takes great care.

It makes sure you are happy every day. He listens to your crazy job stories; it scratches you in the neck if necessary; he cooks for you in evenings when you are tired. Taking care of you is one of his priorities, and he’s doing pretty well in that area.

2. He wants to go out with you… VERY OFTEN.

He writes to you every day to find out if you want to have a quiet evening in front of Netflix (I’m kidding), but you are undoubtedly important to him because, let’s be honest, men are quite good at ignoring us all day long. next day.><><>

3. Physical intercourse isn’t the only thing that interests her.

Sure, he likes to be naughty from time to time, but physical intercouse isn’t the reason he’s with you. Far from there. In fact, he wants so much more with you – visiting a foreign country! Have a beer tasting! Celebrate half a birthday! The possibilities are limitless.

4. He takes you into consideration when faced with a big decision.

He does not engage in a new job without consulting you. If he is thinking of renting an apartment at the other end of the city, but first he wants to make sure that your journeys are easy (maybe he even wants you to move in with him)! Big decisions like these have an impact on your relationship and he is well aware of it.<><>

5. He tells you things he never told anyone about.

Late at night – the best times for important and deep conversations, we all know. He tells you things he never has, never told anyone … Not even his best friend.
PS: what is equivalent to a man opening his heart to you.

6. He doesn’t pick up on other girls.

He only has eyes for you (seriously – you only), this guy is different. And you don’t have to watch every single movement to find out if he sees other girls – call it female intuition or whatever, but you know it … Do you know?

7. He has no problem talking about the future.

When you talk about buying a house or getting engaged when the time comes, it does not take off in the direction of the door. He does not have to be 100% in agreement on each step of your relationship, but he is completely open when it comes to discussing it.

8. He shows you off.

It carries you like the latest fashionable bag. His mother, his best friend and a dozen of his cousins ​​already know a lot about you, because you make his head spin and he wants to share it with the world.<

9. He loves to make you feel special.

Not only does he treat you like a queen – he wants to treat you like a queen. In some serious relationships, this can be a chore more than anything, but in his case, he has a smile on his face as soon as he is with you … Because you are the one.

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