9 Red Flags that your girlfriend is unfaithful

Before accusing your girlfriend of infidelity, it is necessary to make sure of what happens, because there is nothing worse for a couple than to suffer from fits of jealousy and mistrust. You can be alert to a variety of behaviors that may indicate that there have been changes in your life. In this article, we present you some tips to find out if your girlfriend is unfaithful.

Female infidelity would originate in a genetic mutation, it is the science that says it

According to a study by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the origin of women’s infidelity stems from a mutation in the antidiuretic hormone receptor gene ( vasopressin), which is linked to empathy, trust and s ex. However, psychologist Brendan P. Zietsch, lead author of the study, points out that this genetic mutation is not the only explanation for women’s infidelity.

Here are the 9 flagrant signs that your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you:

To find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you, you first have to talk to her because having good communication with the couple allows you to have a healthy relationship. However, if after your conversation you still do not have things clear, you can start to notice her attitude that can reveal whether she has an affair or not.

1 – One of the most telling signs is that it seems more nervous and tense than usual. Because it is known that an alert person, who tries to control everything, has something to reproach himself for.

2 – Another obvious sign is the fact that she is talking in another room on the phone or that she always keeps him by her side.

3 – It’s the same for his computer. If you notice that she becomes nervous when you use it, she is likely to have an affair. (However, we do not recommend spying on your mobile or computer, it’s best to ask what’s wrong and why.)

4 – An unfaithful person is sometimes lonely and introverted. You can detect this change of attitude if you notice that she becomes nervous when you ask her things as simple as where she went.

5 – Many unfaithful people tend to invent overtime at work or traveling. (Furthermore, you should be wary, as this can also lead to unpleasant confusion: If your girlfriend has changed jobs or has been promoted, she is likely to have a different agenda or even more loaded).

6 – Se xual change is likewise one of the most alarming symptoms, which may indicate that something is not working in the couple. When a woman has a secret affair, she repels her partner’s advances.

7 – Another sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is that she is more inclined to argue. You will notice that she argues for the least and that conflicts are much more frequent than before.

8 – She avoids you: she does not want to spend any more time with you because she is too busy, she does not feel good, she has work, etc. This change of attitude towards you could indicate infidelity.

9 – She moves away from your friends and family: she no longer wants to get involved in your life and begins to gradually avoid your friends and relatives.


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