9 phrases that destroy your partner


9 sentences that could hurt your partner:

  1. “Why aren’t you like …”

Generally, comparing your partner to someone else does nothing positive, on the contrary. These kind of sentences mean for him / her only one thing: “you are not up to par and you are not enough for me!” “. Instead, try to focus on his qualities and what you like most about him/her, and stop comparing him/her to others.

  1. “You have been gaining weight lately …”

Even if this is true, avoid telling her, she already knows! This will only worsen his impression of being fat (and ugly), even if his new curves suit him perfectly! On the other hand, if you notice that the weight she has gained is excessive and that you are worried about her health, try to support her and help her discreetly to change, by offering her to go for walks or by bike together, cook new healthy recipes, etc.

  1. “You don’t have to feel bad for this!” “

When your other half shares their feelings with you, he/she expects understanding and compassion. So, even if it seems to you that his reaction is somewhat exaggerated, do not rebuff him/her by opposing logical arguments. Take the time to listen to him and understand what he/she is feeling. When things have calmed down, you can discuss it again.

  1. “You worry about nothing”

Women are perpetually worried, it’s almost a nature in them. They want everything to be perfectly organized, which does not fail to stress them. So, instead of adding your grain of salt with a remark like “stop worrying, it doesn’t deserve! And which will earn you a murderous look, try to reassure her and encourage her to reach her goal.

  1. “What did you do all day?”

If your wife is a housewife, ask this question only if you are genuinely interested in the answer. Otherwise, you risk seeing a wave of complaints and negative emotions sweep over you that it has spent the day accumulating. Between housekeeping, meal preparation, custody of children, shopping, etc. time is passing much faster than you can imagine.

  1. “You always do …”

Even if it seems like your partner “always” does the same thing, don’t think he/she does it on purpose to annoy you. His behavior can only be the result of long years of habit. Try to get the message across nicely and let them know that their behavior is bothering you.

  1. “If you really loved me …”

Meaning: “I doubt your love for me”. This sentence should never be part of your vocabulary, because if it was not the case, you will not be (yet) married. In addition, insinuating that you doubt your partner’s love for you can only be very hurtful for him/her.

  1. “You never do what her husband does for her”

Each relationship is unique, and each couple knows what is best for them. So stop comparing yourself to others and blaming your darling for habits that others have adopted. As long as you are satisfied with your relationship, avoid comparison which will only frustrate you.

  1. ” Nothing “

The Silence is one of the main enemies of a relationship. Keeping your emotions and worries to yourself creates a chasm that quickly engulfs the couple and destroys their relationship. To avoid this, reserve a moment of your daily life to speak and share what you think and feel, this will only bring you closer and strengthen your relationship.


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