9 evidence that your man is cheating on you

Infidelity can be devastating for the deceived partner. It destroys not only the trust that has been duly established but can, and above all, destroy a person’s feelings. The worst thing in these situations is the doubt that settles before the fatal certainty. You feel that he is hiding something from you but have no obvious evidence to confront him. To help you, here are some ways to determine if you should continue to trust him … or not.

This is undoubtedly the greatest treason that can exist. You question yourself, you rewind the whole movie of your relationship, your self-esteem takes a big hit and you wonder if you would be able to trust again. Nevertheless, before reacting, the most important thing is to be sure of disloyalty. Here are some warning signs that (at least) do not deceive.

You feel it, you know it, you follow it …

1) Good scented kisses

Although it may seem a little cliché, the most surefire way to know if your man is cheating on you is to find obvious signs of the presence of another woman in his life: trace of lipstick, a feminine scent on his clothes …

2) Mirror my beautiful mirror

When a man suddenly starts to pay attention to his appearance, and his behavior borders on the metrosexual limit, you should seriously ask yourself questions. In addition, a man who cheats on you will take more showers than usual to try to wash another woman’s scent.

3) His phone is now an extension of his arm 

We all spend hours on our phone and tend to take it wherever we go. However, if your partner never loses sight of his best digital friend and he panics as soon as he forgets it close to you, it is because he, unfortunately, has something to hide.

4) He “follow back”

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other applications are now part of our daily lives. That said, if your man spends his time scrutinizing his “feed” all day and barely speaks to you, it may mean that he is no longer very engaged in your relationship.

5) We’re never on the safe side of a closed-door

This is one of the most obvious signs that he has something to hide, especially if it is a recent habit. Moreover, even if he does not lock himself up to talk to other women, it means that there are things he does not want to talk to you about and that there is a flaw in your relationship.

6) There is no smoke without fire

If you hear hallway noises, or if your friends or family members are starting to put you on the spot, you should definitely dig up to break the truth.

7) The lunatic leaps at random

Pay attention to mood swings. If he is happy as soon as he says goodbye to you but is upset when he spends time with you, it may be a sign that he is seeing someone else. In addition, juggling between two relationships can be particularly stressful, and his anguish is inevitably reflected in his behavior.

8) I love you, me neither

If your man was particularly expressive and considerate and he suddenly seems to be emotionally silent, it may be a sign of detachment. This is because he certainly does not have any feelings for you and prefers to express his love for another person.

9) Not tonight, I’m tired

A man who does not share any more moments of affection and intimacy with you is a man who necessarily sees someone else. Moreover, the affection is not necessarily physical. If your man shows no particular attention to you, or does not show you his love every day, even if he does not deceive you, it means that your relationship is out of control and that there are great risks that it will eventually happen.

We advise you not to react hot from the first strange sign and take the time to give him the benefit of the doubt. Also, a dialogue is the key to solving any problem. Talk to him about your doubts and confront him to try to break the abscess.


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