8 to do lists to be positive

With the coming back, there are enthusiasts, excited about novelty, who are well motivated to start a “new” year full of projects (like me). And then there are those who are already languishing holidays and dream of beach, sun, and coconut … So I decided to make an article for everyone! That way no jealous, everyone can have his little lists to do to be positive before the start of the season.

This period brings out many different feelings: excitement, stress, anxiety or melancholy. That’s why I decided to share with you the positive lists to make for the start of the season and that makes this period more joyful for everyone! So you’ll find out just below the lists to be positive, get organized and be even more motivated. Ideas for positive lists to smile and want to get up in this new season.

List of things to avoid or anticipate to avoid being stressed

What made you nervous last year and what could you have avoided? Take a few minutes to think about it and list all those things that made you anxious when you could have avoided them! This list will allow you to anticipate these stresses of stress and to make sure to avoid or at least mitigate them.

List of books to read

Reading is a wonderful way to de-stress, change your mind and escape for a few moments. But I also know that reading is not necessarily obvious during the year. And that’s why making a list will push you to go! I advise you to list at least 3 – 4 that you challenge yourself to read before next summer. Take note of everything you read and, if you take the game, you will have finished a good package before next June!

List of healthy recipes, fast and greedy

Make yourself a shortlist of your favorite recipes to eat well this year and avoid rushing on prepared dishes, fast food burgers or snack fries. The idea is to find quick recipes to make, that you control but also delicious so that your meals are always a source of pleasure and avoid frustration!

List of happiness to do when you do not want anything

We have all these little moments of low motivation, especially with autumn and rain coming. So what better than to make up a list of little things that make you happy. What can you do when nothing goes? It may be reading, creative activities, cares, a self-massage … Everything that makes you feel good! And if you want other ideas to smile again.

List of your goals

So that’s a classic, I know, but I had to remind you of it! Back to school is for many a period of renewal, change and there is nothing better to start a new year than setting new goals! They do not need to be huge or hyper numerous. Just note the things you would like to achieve or add in your life: take more time for yourself, do yoga in the morning, moan less … And especially think to note your progress!

List what makes you feel productive and creative

In summer, we often have time to ask ourselves, to think and to have new ideas. With the rhythm of the return that comes back, we often tend to find ourselves embarked on the frantic pace of everyday life and there, goodbye creativity! But having new projects and being able to express oneself through writing, painting, journaling … is extremely important! A small list where you can draw ideas to express your creativity will be very useful to you to find your beautiful energy and fall back into the sweetness of childhood.

List your values ​​and what matters to you

Making a list of one’s values ​​and what is important to oneself in life helps us to stay aligned with ourselves and make the right decisions. These are principles that we sometimes tend to put aside when we are caught in everyday life. We forget that family is one of the most important things for us as we spend all our time at work. We let ourselves be embarked on a constant search for profit when, in fact, money matters to us little. Making a list of the values ​​to which we are attached and hanging it close to us will allow us to return to it more often and never forget them.

List of what you can enforce these values

Now that we have made our list of beautiful values, we will have to implement them! (Well yes, otherwise it will eventually fall into oblivion as our good resolutions of 2018). So we grab another paper and list all the actions, words or thoughts that we can have every day to embody these values. It may take at least 30 minutes to play with your children every day. Enter work earlier. Cut the phone after 19h. Put yourself in the loop … All you want to stay aligned with yourself without asking for over-human efforts!


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