8 things you can’t do after making love

Making love is a moment of exchange and pure intimacy between two people who love each other, it requires a lot of attention and thoughtfulness. But once the orgasm is reached, some people do not care more about their partner and yet the after-s ex is also important to lead a fulfilling s ex life. They have these annoying habits that ruin the pleasure after the s exual act and disappoint their partner.

Couples often focus on preliminaries and take pleasure in love, but often forget about the pleasure that comes next. To help you see things more clearly, in this article you will find the 8 things to ban and do not do after making love.

1. Sleep while turning your back after intercourse

When you finish making love, often most men fall asleep like a mass, unlike women. This makes you wonder why. The answer is, endorphin. This hormone is strongly released in the man at the fateful moment of ejaculation, which gives him a feeling of relaxation hence this desire to sleep. Many studies have shown that women are ready for a second round faster than men. In spite of all this, hug yourself, and make the effort to hold a little longer, and sleep when you are both ready. 

2. Leave the bed instantly after making love

Getting up from bed and leaving the room right after orgasm could be a sign of coldness and lack of delicacy. If you’re not happy with your leg up, stay with your partner and get him ready to start again. Who knows, he can put you in ecstasy the second time. So take your time and relax. Show him all the love you have for him, you will not regret it.

3. Take selfies

Some people are addicted to selfies even during very intimate moments. If you are a part of it, know that your passion is not necessarily shared by your partner. If you want to take it, ask him first what he/she thinks before taking action and causing problems in your relationship. It would be a shame to ruin moments of strong intimacy that you can share with your other half. Instead of wanting to do selfies at all costs, enjoy the moment by curling yourself in the arms of your other half and savoring this moment of happiness and relaxation.

4. Use your phone while you’re together

Using the cell phone, and texting or calling friends shortly after making love, is a sign of disrespect for the person and for the moment that you share together. In fact, couples often report that their partners do it after love, which is not at all appropriate and this may destroy the relationship. Your partner feels ignored and it is a lack of consideration for him. 

5. Start working after making love

Everything should be done at the right time but working or studying just s ex is simply inappropriate. Think instead of having fun, cuddling or talking about anything and everything, because these little post-orgasm moments are very important for your couple’s future. Be organized and take the necessary steps so that work or studies do not encroach on your private and intimate life. Give each thing the necessary time while keeping a balance. While work is important, but in no case it must endanger the life of your couple. 

6. Sleeping just after s exual intercourse

Falling into the arms of Morpheus just after orgasm is common to all couples. According to several studies, the human brain is naturally predisposed to falling asleep after an orgasm. The offending? Endorphins, hormones secreted by the brain that are necessary for the refractory period following male orgasm! This hormone is also released in women but its action is done in a gentler way allowing him to fall asleep more gradually. Gentlemen, if you do not want to be sluts, take your darling in your arms and cuddle it so that she is as relaxed as you, she will probably fall into a deep sleep as fast as you! 

7. Go to the kitchen 

Small things have bigger impacts. So if you are hungry, suggest to your partner to eat with you in the kitchen, and do not let your partner feel ignored. You must share this moment with her/him instead of doing it separately. 

8. Watching TV or reading a book

Reading is a good activity at night, but not just after making love. If your favorite show or show comes up, this is not a valid excuse to leave your partner behind after making love together. Do not make a sudden cut. Women and men hate that.


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