8 things to do to keep your man

Women and men are different not only physically, but also and above all psychologically and behaviorally. It is thus more difficult for everyone to understand the reactions and needs of the other if he is limited to his own vision of things. In addition, with the massive intrusion of new technologies and smartphones into our daily lives, nurturing the flame of love has become a daunting task. Just to be aware of a turn in the blinds applications for smartphones.

Hundreds, if not thousands of these applications can be a potential threat to your couple. Also, to cement it well, we suggest you to discover some ways to preserve your relationship.


To gain the respect of others, one must first start with oneself. For that, you must have confidence in yourself and high regard for your person. No one will belittle you, let alone your man. Once you instill this mutual respect, your man will appreciate you for what you are. However, it is important not to go into narcissism or develop an oversized ego.

Be honest

Honesty is sacrosanct for the viability of any relationship. It is not always easy, but men appreciate this quality which is a pledge of confidence. The franchise is a great way to show him your desire to build a lasting relationship and therefore your love for him. This attitude will take you to a higher level in your relationship.

Be calm

Anger is the biggest enemy of the couple. Try to keep calm at all times and do not let emotional outbursts ruin your relationship. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but breathing or yoga exercises will surely be useful in these cases. If you can stay calm and keep your cool in difficult times, your man will appreciate you more.

Be nice

The world needs kindness. Who would want to end up with a nasty beautiful girlfriend? A kind and nice woman as well with his man as with the rest of his entourage is a pride. He will always be happy to introduce her to his family and friends. Some kind words and a pretty smile can conquer the hearts of the most distant men.

Display your intelligence

Your man may have chosen you for your pretty appearance but he will also be attracted by your intellect. In the beginning, all women insist on their physical attractions but over time, a certain routine sets in and your intelligence and your ability to maintain an interesting discussion will make the difference to keep it at your side. In conclusion, it is your physique that drew him to you but it is your brain that will keep it.

Watch him

Anyone seeks to take care of her: it is a natural need of men and women since birth. If you show him that you care for him, that you care about him, his well-being and his emotional state, he will appreciate. Show him that you love him by all means and that you are not ashamed of it. These particular attentions always make the effect and your man will return it to you too.

Have fun

We all love spending time with funny people. And so is your man! Even if you think your jokes are not as fun, your cheerfulness is always welcome in this tough world. So make sure to spread the joy in his life, he will not want to leave you.

Relearn Romanticism

This is what all women dream of, but often they forget that certain things must be provoked to happen. Being romantic means showing attention and love to your man through small gestures that will make him feel special. At the beginning of a relationship or after years of living together, it is important to nurture your relationship so that the flame of your love continues to warm you up.


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