8 things men do and destroy their marriage

Love is the basis of a successful marriage, but this sacred union also requires feelings, a lot of compromise. Many people who, for lack of experience or inattention, do not manage to do and end up experiencing disappointments in their married life. In this article, we will talk about the 8 ways that some men destroy their marriage!

The main purpose of marriage is usually peace and happiness. So, although life is sometimes stressful and hard, we must continue to persevere to improve it. It is therefore important to question oneself and avoid things that can destroy and harm the relationship. 

Thus, husband and wife must assume their role and the responsibilities that come with it in a marriage. Besides, here are eight mistakes common to men who risk ending their union. 

1. Do not worry about what a woman thinks:

When women love, they become attentive and easily notice the smallest details of their partners’ lives. They make sure to follow each of their movements because they are very involved in the relationship. They hate being with a carefree man because a woman will always need to be reassured by words or deeds. So, to prove to him that you will always be faithful to him and that you respect him, show him regularly that you love him more than anything in the world.

2. Forget the importance of small gestures:

Simple gestures of love can improve your relationship with your wife. If you focus on the big gestures and the great attentions, your partner could have the impression that you do them because you feel guilty and that you hide something. A simple message of love from time to time may be enough to reassure your wife.

3. Do not share:

Whenever men go through a difficult time in life, they think that by not involving their spouse in their problems, they are doing them a favor, but that is not at all true. The woman needs to share, offer support and feel that her man is doing the same. She sees this as a mark of respect for the relationship.

4. Do not take responsibility for your actions:

Making mistakes in a relationship can happen to anyone but the path to happiness, in the midst of all these marital disturbances, is to take responsibility for mistakes and to be aware of them. A woman will never appreciate a man who will spend his time throwing responsibility on others. It is important to take action and be mature towards your partner. 

5. Choose someone who is not compatible with you or who is not ready for marriage:

A couple who has incompatibilities before marriage will not see an improvement after! We never marry someone in the hope of changing it because our character traits will always be present despite attempts by others to hide or hide them. So before taking the step towards marriage, make sure you choose the right person, who is ready for the engagement.

6. Permanent silence:

Men are known to be less talkative than women, but in a couple, communication is very important. It can be the key to a successful relationship because when two people stop talking and communicating, the distance begins to grow so that one of the partners can become a stranger. Emotional intimacy is very important in marriage and can only be maintained if you communicate constantly with your partner.

7. Do not support her during difficult times:

Women are very sensitive beings. Sometimes they will have problems and they will just want someone to listen to them. They do not necessarily wait for solutions or answers from you, all they want is a person who is on their side to reassure them and support them during these difficult times.

8. Never say “I’m sorry”:

Asking for forgiveness is a virtue that is maintained and essential for the well-being of a relationship. A simple sincere “I’m sorry” can solve many conflicts. So, leave your ego aside and know how to ask forgiveness when you make mistakes.

Gentlemen, avoid these 8 things to succeed in your marriage and live happily!


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