8 signs that your partner is a manipulator

It happens that we do not realize that the person with whom we thought to spin a perfect love story leads us by the end of the nose! Indeed, in a toxic relationship, it is difficult to identify a manipulator. So to help you, here is a list of eight signs that your partner is trying to control you.

Some relationships can annihilate you or at least draw all that is left of your energy. Manipulation, isolation or denigration, the manipulator can use several techniques to get you to lose all confidence in you. Until sometimes no longer recognize you, rebuilding after a toxic relationship can be difficult. What about the criteria of a manipulator.

  1. Love under conditions

To be loved by the person, you have to meet certain conditions, those of the toxic person. She sets rules to offer you her love, or not. By restricting her love, she can go so far as to say, “If you acted differently, I could love you”. A healthy person, on the contrary, would like you despite your faults.

  1. He controls your emotions

Your toxic partner will do everything to make you feel negative, such as guilt, sadness, or anxiety. He will try to stimulate those emotions in you. The manipulator will cause situations where you can lose control like a household scene or an inappropriate SMS.

  1. He has trouble trusting

A person full of insecurities may make a minor event a major scandal. And if you have had the misfortune to fail her “trust”, she will be happy to interfere in your private life by spying on you and accessing your phone or mail.

  1. He isolates you

The others are synonymous with danger for the toxic person. All means are good to remove them from your circle. It sometimes goes so far as to make it clear to whom you can talk or not. It is worth remembering that a healthy relationship must also go through your social flourishing.

  1. He denigrates you

With insulting words or sarcasm, the manipulator must succeed in making you emotionally flinch. The idea is to make you feel miserable by repeating this kind of insults and chaining the humiliations. His hurtful words must succeed in destroying you to impose total control over you.

  1. Hostility

Sometimes aggression is not just verbal. The manipulator reaches this stage only once you are completely broken. It is then that his violence can be blown. Attention, once the blow is taken, it is essential to call a friend or close to not enter a hellish sphere.

  1. You feel an emotional emptiness

When negative feelings take hold of you and last too long, it is essential to alert yourself. This is the major element that proves that you have in front of you a person who controls you. If you feel trapped, act quickly before you reach the point of no return. The faster your action, the easier your rebuilding will be.

  1. You have a low regard for yourself

If you have felt absorbed by the person from the beginning of your relationship, this is the sign that you are facing a manipulator. You have the feeling of having made a negative change in you, of not recognizing yourself anymore. You have to take into account your mental balance. This relationship is toxic and the more time passes, the greater the damage.


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