8 signs that prove your relationship is based on sincere love

Far from being a long calm river, a love relationship is punctuated with arguments, compromises and it often escapes the rational. Mysterious, Love with a Big A is what many people are looking for to have and especially to keep. By the way, here are 8 signs that your relationship is based on true love.

Mystery, upheaval, joy, pain, intensity, well-being, sharing … Many words (and ills) can be associated with this universal and intimate feeling: love. It is difficult to recognize it and even more to preserve it, as it evolves over time. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to determine if our couple, with all its qualities and faults, is based on true and sincere love. To help you see more clearly, here are 8 signs that prove it:

  1. You both make efforts

A stable and strong love relationship is one of joint effort, perseverance and resilience. Thus, if each partner makes efforts and struggles to preserve the relationship, it is because the latter is based on true love. In fact, love touches what we are and we must constantly struggle with our inner self and our desire to be linked to the other. 

  1. You take care of each other

To take care of a couple, you have to take care of each other and vice versa. Far from simple signs of affection, one must be able to be physically and psychically present to support the other face of the obstacles of life. Otherwise, the relationship will struggle to hold. 

  1. You support yourself

In addition to caring for others, a relationship based on true love consists of two partners who believe in their companion’s projects and support each other in achieving their dreams. To be an infallible support is to show how much we love each other.

  1. You take time for each other

True love requires time and maintenance. Indeed, to make life and last this romantic relationship, we must take care of it as we take care of nature. It takes a lot of patience, love and daily maintenance. So, if in your relationship, each partner takes time (quality) for the other, it is that the couple is based on true love. 

  1. You do not give up after an argument

To know that one is in the presence of his soul-sister, one must live disagreements and disputes and above all, overcome them. Indeed, never give up is to allow love to live despite the obstacles, even to intensify and last in time. 

  1. You maintain the flame

If your relationship is based on true love, each partner will make sure to keep the flame alive. Little attentions, outings for two, travel, gifts … Many ways (and ideas) allow to revive love and desire, so that the relationship does not cease to be fulfilling. 

  1. You express your feelings

Beyond the respect and mutual trust a relationship needs to be balanced, communication is essential. Indeed, to be in agreement with your couple and show sincerity, you must also learn to express your feelings. And that’s what partners who are truly in love do.

  1. You are honest 

True love is synonymous with sincerity and honesty. Indeed, in this type of relationship, deception and infidelity have no place, simply because it would not even happen to the partner’s mind to make the other suffer. On the contrary, he wishes so much to preserve this love that he strives to be right.


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