7 types of violent men to avoid and how to recognize them

You are eager to unite by the bonds of marriage and make this man your life partner? Know that, to a certain extent, it is sometimes this impatience that drives women towards domestic violence. The violence that can be unsuspected. In fact, violent men do not necessarily seem bad because they know how to conceal it. Focus on the 7 types of violent men, which must be kept apart.

In many ways, a man can deceive the most cautious of women. This “gentlemenerie” is not always skewed but it happens, during this passionate love story, in this incandescent embers that hold us heart shape, that our senses become heavier. To this end, many prefer to focus on this thrilling happiness, which sometimes causes real blindness about the person at our side. 

Thus, when we come across a malicious person, violence can gradually become part of everyday life. The latter takes different forms: repeated humiliation, insults, harassment or assault. And, the consequences for the victim are dramatic, ranging from psychological disorder to death.

It is, therefore, necessary to detect spousal violence at its very beginnings and to make the right choice in matters of men. So, beware of these 7 types of men: 

1. A man who manifests an increased possessiveness:

In the exaltation of the first days, everything seems wonderful. Yes, everything, even this possessiveness. But the more it grows, the more dangerous it is. So, a man who is fiercely trying to control his wife, even if he turns it into a property, is a man who is disturbed and lacks self – confidence. But in this case, patience is not always enough and it will be necessary to arm yourself with the courage to say “Goodbye”. 

2. An excessively jealous man:

Obviously, jealousy in a couple is most natural. Before worrying about it, you have to measure the degree and how it is managed. Passion drives him to get angry during his fits of jealousy? He wants you nothing but him and you say what else is normal? Certainly. But is this a valid reason to let the situation degenerate, to the point of blaming your couple for violence? Take the time to think.

3. A man with easy tears:

Indeed, a man who weeps in front of his darling is not a reprehensible act. But when it becomes a habit, it’s suspicious. The tears soften the women, sensitive and full of leniency, but too many tears can be equal to too many errors.

4. A man with violent behavior:

We can notice from the first arguments, how fast the tone goes up, the gestures become rough and in some cases, this behavior can seem uncontrollable. Thus, the slightest violent behavior, we must be alarmed so as not to let the situation degenerate.  

5. A man with a violent past:

Obviously, giving credit on the word of a third person is not always good. Yet, even if a person may be parasitized by old malevolent knowledge, it is better to keep in mind that there is no smoke without fire and that vigilance is required, especially when it comes to violent acts. 

6. A man whose anger is fatal for the objects:

In this case, there is no degree to take into account. He is furious, has warm blood and to calm himself, he breaks the dishes, the vases and everything that falls into his hands. Except that one day, it will be his wife who will fall into his hands …

7. A man who does not respect the woman:

In a concealed manner, this type of man utters reflections and derogatory remarks. By using joking or kindness, he is able to manipulate his companion. And if the latter is difficult to tame, it will be more and more disrespectful behavior, taking the form of verbal and / or physical violence. Be careful, always to establish mutual respect in your relationship! 

Note that if your companion is one of these types of men or tends to approach, be vigilant and do not hesitate to talk with someone you trust, who can help you. 


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