7 tips to keep a positive state of mind

Start the day off right

My first advice to keep a positive state of mind in everyday life, lies at the break of the bed. The things we do on awakening will set the tone for the rest of the day. So start by doing something you love that makes you feel good about getting up with a smile and the pleasure of starting a new day.
Personally, I like to start the day with a Yoga session followed by a good breakfast with a good cup of tea!

The important thing is that you find something that really makes you happy that you are looking forward to getting up and starting this new day.

You are the creator of your happiness

Do not wait for happiness to come from the outside. To be happy, make yourself happy. To be positive, choose to see the positive.
Living positively is more than a state of mind, it’s a choice. And this choice can only come from deep within you.

Realizing that already allows you to see things differently and to give yourself the desire to act to have a positive state of mind.

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Gandhi. This well-known phrase obviously also applies to a positive state of mind. You are a creator and you have magic in you. You are wonderful!

Pay attention to small pleasures

My 3rd advice is stupid as cabbage and yet, it does not apply to me, not enough.
Small pleasures are everywhere in us and around us. You just have to want to see them and put them in our daily lives. A flower that opens, the benevolent look of a loved one, the smile of a stranger, the beauty of nature, the laughter of a child, moments of sharing, beautiful music, a beautiful sunset …
I assure you that by stopping on these small things, your energy increases and your state of mind will only be more positive.

Smile, even without reason

To stay in the same theme of small happiness, I want to talk to you about the smile.
The smile is like a magic wand of formidable power. I invite you to start the day with a big smile to set the tone for the rest of your day.

Then, during the day, do not hesitate to smile! Smile to your loved ones, a stranger in the street and most importantly, to yourself.
Even without reason, do not hesitate to smile, your vision of the world will be illuminated and you will fill with light. A positive state of mind can not be without the power of a smile.

Recite positive affirmations

Positive affirmations, you have probably already heard about it. These are affirmative and positive sentences. Here we experience the power of words, their vibration.
For example, you can start your day with these phrases (and say as many times as you want, during the day):
– I am an incredibly happy person.
– I have confidence in myself
– I am healthy in all aspects of my life.
– I learn every day, everything is perfect
– I see the positive in people and in the world

These are only examples, do not hesitate to create yours according to what you aspire 

To be more positive, relativize!

Often, when an unpleasant event happens to us, we tend to quickly see life in black. But most of the time, nothing is serious. A delay in transportation to work? A friend who cancels a meal? Your child who has a bad grade on an exam? Even little things like these tend to undermine our morale. And yet, it does not matter!

Everything has a reason so my advice, try to see the positive in everything. The delay in transport may have caused you to avoid an accident. Your friend who cancels a meal may allow you to spend an evening alone with yourself and it will make you feel good.
And your child who has a bad grade on an exam may be better next time or just realize that this subject is not his thing.

Relativiser makes it possible to see the bright side of things, to let oneself be affected by those little things that tend to undermine morale. The more you practice seeing things on the right side, the more you will do it naturally and easily!

Look at positive sources of information

Take a step back from the events and do not succumb to fear.
If you like to watch the news on TV (or whatever) because you like to know what’s going on in the world, it’s good but watch out. The media broadcast what they want us to see and that is why it is mostly images disasters, dramas, etc … are shown.
We do not talk much about small victories, hopes, happiness …

Because instilling fear is a good way for citizens to be more “controllable”.

So if you look at the news, several tips:
– Avoid watching them when you wake up. Remember, the first actions on awakening set the tone for the day. Watching the news in the morning is a good way to start the day by seeing life in black rather than in pink. – Take a step back and keep a critical eye. The world and what is happening there is not just what we are shown, quite the opposite. Personally, I chose not to follow info or so rarely. It does not help me and I feel that I am pulled down when I accept to receive these vibrationally low energies.
I prefer to focus on the positive info that I can find here and there 


Cultivating a positive state of mind is a choice that is given to everyone. With willpower and some good practices, you can do it without much difficulty.
So I’m not saying that it’s easy every day and I’m not saying either that we have to sweep away the unpleasant emotions that sometimes go through us. These emotions, I advise you to welcome them, to live them and then let them go. It’s like that too, that you will make room to welcome and keep positive emotions in your life.

And do not forget, just like the vicious circle, there is also the virtuous circle. It is on the latter that one must concentrate to keep a positive spirit. The positive brings the positive then the more you will see life on the good side, the more you will have reasons to see it so that will come to you


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