7 things women do when they cheat on their partner

The risk of unfaithfulness is constantly present in couples, whether they are newly married or firmly anchored in life. An evening adventure or an extramarital relationship can destroy a couple’s life and break forever, mutual trust.

Living extra-marital adventures is no longer the preserve of the male gender. Nowadays, the rate of infidelity of the woman is in perpetual increase. Nevertheless, adultery by women is less accepted by our society, which is why some women do not always dare to admit it. When a man is unfaithful, it is said of him that he is a womanizer. On the other hand, when a woman deceives her husband, she is described as frivolous or worse. 

It is very painful for a man to have a suspicion about his partner’s infidelity. His life is all the more stressful when he can not be sure of his infidelity. It must also be understood that “the deceived man” is touched in his own self-esteem and feels a narcissistic wound.

If you doubt the existence of a double life in your wife, there are signs that do not deceive.

What are the first warning signs of possible infidelity of the woman?

There are 7 main signs that should be taken into account:

She does not react properly during a confrontation

When confronting your wife about possible unfaithfulness on her part and she never answers your questions clearly and tries to dodge them as much as possible, this could be a sign of infidelity. 

She is no longer romantic

When she stops kissing you or refuses sexual intercourse, you probably do not like her anymore. This lack of attention and affection can be a sign of infidelity.

She asks you for your daily schedule

When your wife shows a surprising curiosity about your daily or weekly schedule, it is a sign that can announce infidelity. An unfaithful woman needs to know in detail the planning of her husband, to organize his appointments with his lover, without being caught.

Constant disputes

When disputes become recurring and part of daily life, when the woman bites against the man about futile things by creating discords, it is a sign that can announce his infidelity. 

When she is thoughtful and distracted

When she pays no attention to your teasing, when she becomes distracted and pensive, when she distances herself and neglects you, these are signs that your partner can think of someone else because usually a woman in love is always caring and listening to his partner.

When it avoids you

Generally, when a woman has a double life, she always feels discomfort in the presence of her partner and avoids it to the maximum.

Hidden mobile phone

If your partner used to leave his phone lying around freely and was recently hiding it, it’s a sign that she could hide messages from her lover and she does not want you to find out.



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