7 things people hate during s ex

When it comes to s ex, anyone has their own preferences. There are the shy ones and then there are those who push the exploration ever further, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Even if the search for stimulation and excitement is a major motivation, certain acts of love go beyond these considerations to turn into complicated, uncomfortable or even downright dangerous. We have identified the least popular practices that everyone hates during the act of se x, carefully note the following to avoid a mishap!

Brag about her sexual prowess

There is nothing less attractive than a person who self-proclaims fervent se x, and who not only does it systematically but proves horribly unskillful, plus!

It is better to be humble if you are good, your partner will necessarily be the first to tell you. Otherwise, his disappointment will be less if you did not boast anything other than what you served him.

Spread back and let the other do everything

Unless you are beauty  (and even if),  it is inconceivable to lie down while waiting for the partner to take care of everything. A good sexual relationship is based on mutual efforts until the culmination of orgasm in the best case.

Intimate personal hygiene

Bad odors, horrible breath, hairs that go beyond, these are all factors hindering the desire and the desire to act. You will understand, it takes a minimum  (although we recommend the maximum)  of hygiene to please the partner and not to disgust him. It would be a shame to miss out on a beautiful relationship because of the lack of cleanliness and care.

Unfeasible positions

Changing the usual sexual repertoire is not a bad idea, it even allows to revitalize the couple and add a little spice in bed. But not to the point of embarking on high-flying artistic prowess that requires your partner extreme flexibility and maximum effort. It is important that the act of love remains comfortable for both, so we leave the positions of dangerous yoga to the trapeze artists born!

Radio silence

When your lover strives to make you rise to seventh heaven, the minimum you can do in return is to show him that you enjoy it to participate in his excitement. This will reassure your partner of his ability to titillate you and confirm that he is on the right path, one of unlocking every key to ecstasy in your body.

An aggressive passion

A passionate embrace where you want to quickly get rid of clothes is quite understandable, but be careful not to violently pull the clothes on pain of hurting his companion in the process, which would reduce to zero your chances of sleeping together!

Biting, scratching, pulling hair… it is recommended to ask your partner for consent before considering each of these acts.

The absence of kisses

Kisses sow the seeds of desire in the loving body and they are often the gateway to larger foregrounds. Nevertheless, those who jump directly to the next step and do not take the time to seize passionately from the lips of their partner miss something magical!


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