7 things nobody tells you about romantic relationships after 30 years

Many single women in their thirties find it difficult to start a romantic relationship despite the fact that they are beautiful, intelligent and cultivated. One would tend to believe that despite all these qualities it is easy to meet your soul mate and to experience great love yet it is not so simple.

This phenomenon is notably due to the fact that at 30 and over, women are more demanding and less instinctive than at 20. They took the time to get to know each other, to discover their true desires, to build themselves and now know what they want and what they don’t want. The couple’s vision is more precise and less idealistic, and the level of requirement too.

Habits take hold

After a certain period of celibacy and lonely life, habits settle down and it is difficult to share them with someone overnight as is the life of a couple. Even if deep down, you want to live a serious and solid relationship, the simple fact of sharing your bathroom or your nighttime snacks in bed in front of a film tends to make you skeptical.

The past can be cumbersome

A woman in her thirties is an adult woman who must prepare herself psychologically for meeting a person with a fairly heavy liability such as divorce, child (ren) of a first union or death of a loved one. Most often, this kind of event promotes maturity and pushes the person to introspection which makes him a potential partner with his head on his shoulders and who is not afraid of commitment.

Children can make dating difficult

Having to organize an outing or a date based on children’s activities can be quite complicated. This is the case for many people who have one or more children born from a first marriage or from an old relationship and who find it difficult to juggle their love life and their children’s planning. The fact of wishing to meet in this kind of context is not easy but it is quite common for two people with a liability.

Dredging men in bars is no longer relevant

At the age of 30, the requirements are fortunately greater and the choice of a man is made in a more precise and more “adult” way. Bars are therefore not the best places to meet a man with whom it is possible to start a lasting relationship. The idea is not to banish outings from your schedule, on the contrary, you should only choose places more conducive to a serious meeting such as an opening or an evening with friends.

Small health concerns are real worries

Nowadays, more and more people want to take care of themselves and their well-being by adopting the gestures necessary for good health, especially by “getting older”. A romantic relationship between two thirties is often punctuated by slight disorders related to the body such as food allergies and intolerances or digestive problems. In addition, the trend is now for detox cures, which is why it is common for two people having a romantic relationship to share small sores of everyday life.

Younger men are addicted but it’s not always mutual

Even if a woman in her thirties has not yet reached the age to qualify as a cougar, it turns out that she tends to attract men younger than her. It is common knowledge that young men have a soft spot for older and more mature women. Admittedly, this is flattering, but the idea is to envisage a long-term relationship with a man with experience and experience.

Getting pregnant after 30 isn’t always easy

Women over 30 who have no children are not obsessed with getting pregnant and having one or more children . Admittedly, they are regulated by an internal biological clock, but advances in medicine allow them today to take their time in order to make the right choice without rushing.


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