7 things men do when they still think about their ex

We all keep small memories of our old love relationships, but for some people, these memories are constantly present in their memories and their hearts, proving that they have not really managed to get past them. To help you get things straight, we have grouped together for you 7 things men do when they are still thinking about their ex.

It is true that finding a man who cries in front of the picture of his ex or who sniffs a shirt that she has forgotten at home is quite rare. Yet, there are many more subtle behaviors that show that he can not really forget his old darling. To help you decipher these, here are the 7 things a man does when he is still thinking about his ex. 

7 things that show your man is still thinking about his ex:

  1. He often speaks to her

It is not really fair to expect your partner to completely exclude her ex from her life unless she is still in love with him, which is not healthy for your relationship at all. But if they call each other or send messages all day long, this can be explained by the fact that he always has feelings for her. According to Jane Greer, sexologist, this permanent contact shows that either, he feels guilty to have left, or he can not forget. In the first case, as in the second, he is still too involved with it. It is time for you to ask him if he is really ready to be with you.

  1. He is a fervent follower of her publications on social networks

Generally, men do not think to block or stop following their ex on social networks, to avoid going for “kids” or complicate things in possible meetings, especially if they always have friends in common with those -this. On the other hand, if your man follows his ex to step on social networks and distributes likes and comments to all goes, this will put you the chip in the ear.

  1. He constantly says bad about her

It’s quite understandable to be a bit bitter after a break-up, but if your partner is a bit too keen on her ex-girlfriend and exaggerates her flaws, you should be on your guard, as this may be the a sign that he tries to remember – or convince himself – that he is better off without her and that her decision to leave her was the best choice to make.  

  1. He is a little too competitive

To avenge their ex, some men adopt the technique of competitiveness. They will, therefore, do everything possible to be the first to get back into a relationship after their breakup. So if you feel that your new darling accepts all your conditions just to agree to put you in a relationship with him, be careful because it is not always a sign of love at first sight.

  1. You know more than enough about his ex

In addition to the little secret investigation you conducted on her, you know a lot of little details about your partner’s ex because he keeps saying things like, “she never liked this kind of shows, unlike you! Or “she always had the bad habit of texting during dinner”. While this may seem flattering to you at first glance, this may actually hide an underlying and constant comparison between you two, which is not very beneficial for your relationship.  

  1. He keeps all the gifts she gave him

It is true that we place a sentimental value on the gifts we receive from loved ones. But when it comes to keeping precious objects reminding us of our old love, things get a little more complicated. A man who can not get away from this personalized t-shirt that his ex gave him, when he can not wear it anymore, is a bad sign. Do not hesitate to discuss with him why he feels the need to keep these memories.

  1. He is always so close to the family of his ex

Generally, when we break up with someone, we try to limit as much as possible the contact with his family. So, if your man still has a special relationship with his ex’s parents, even if he does not talk to him very much, this should alarm you, because this contact could go beyond a simple affection for these people and represent for him the hope to keep a link, even indirect, with his former girlfriend. To no longer have doubts about his real intentions, take the time to discuss sincerely and openly with him.


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